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The UNMC Student Association (SA) is the official campus organization that represents all students. The SA is made up of an elected body of students who oversee issues related to the SA.

Student Association Executives 2015/2016

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News and Announcements

UNMC Women-Athlon

The Nottingham Sports Team will be organizing its’ first ever female sports week, UNMC Women-Athlon.
This event which is inspired by the ancient Heraean Games. The Haraean Games was the first sanctioned (and recorded) women’s athletic competition to be held in the stadium at Olympia, possibly in the Olympic year, prior to the men’s events. It is dated as early as the 6th century BC.

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Welfare Survey

Now, YOU can do your part at improving YOUR student life experience by helping us fill out these survey form for each profile. It’ll only take 10 minutes of your time and we are looking to reach 1000 responses. So please do fill out the survey, share this to your friends and together we can improve campus services.

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WhereIsMyBus App Launched

We are happy to announce that the Bus Tracking App WhereIsMyBus App is now officially launched. It’s been in a closed beta test for sometime and now it’s ready to be launched. It’s currently only available for Android. iPhone and Windows Phone users are able to use it via the WebApp.   WebApp Link If you do notice any errors in the app please do send it to the developers via the feedback feature in the App. If you want to learn more about the app and who has been working on it check out this post about the... read more

The Bicycle Project

Always wanted to ride a bicycle around campus but don’t know where you can rent one? Or do you own a bicycle and are looking for friends to ride along with? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then we have good news for you! Introducing, the Bicycle Project.

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Nations Cup Medal Table

Nations Cup is still ongoing though for some sports the finals have been played and the medals confirmed for these sports. Keep updated with which countries are currently holding medals. This post which will be updated frequently as each sports finals are played.

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As part of our continual efforts to make the students experience better we bring you this website. This hopefully will become the major avenue to engage, interact and keep updated with what the Student Association has planned over the year. More upgrades and improvements will be rolled out as the semester progresses. Afrah Ismail

Vice President of Student Association


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