‘Jom Botak 2017: Shave lah!’ is a student led event which was hosted by ACE Society in support of cancer awareness and fundraising.

For this year, its beneficiary is CAKNE, in which is a support group for children who are undergoing cancer treatment at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre.

This event was organized with the aim to create a real and lasting awareness among the student body and staff members as well as on cancer, along with the distress and obstacles faced by patients going bald.

The event consisted of 3 interesting categories, namely:

  1. Go Bald Auction
  2. Go Bald Challenge
  3. Go Short (Exclusive for ladies)

In particular, Go Bald Auction is where individuals put themselves on an auction for a certain amount. People will then have the choice to bid for the people they want to see shaved bald. Once the target amount has reached, they will have to go bald. Whereas for the Go Bald Challenge, it provides opportunities where participants can challenge themselves by going bald with a fee.

Furthermore, there was also an auction placed on an AIA Vitality Football autographed by the international football star – David Beckham! Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Najib Sahari for his generous donation!

The event lasted from 26th October to 9th November and it was held at the SA Circle from 10am to 5pm. A total of 49 participants have engaged in this event and it was successfully wrapped up.

Not forgetting to mention, special thanks are also given to ‘its hair art THE HAIR STUDIO’ for their dedication in this event; they provided assistance in the whole process of hair shaving! In addition, congratulations to them for their win of the signed ball with RM780!

(All photos are credited to ACE Society.)