Our Students have developed a bus tracking system under a summer project offered by Computer Science Department, titled “Where is my Bus?”. The new system will be tackling a transport issue has been troubling students for a long time. Students are often frustrated by the uncertainty of the arrival time of the bus. Therefore, a bus tracking system has been designed to overcome this issue, providing a convenient service for the bus passengers. There will be a web application for this system which hopefully will be launched this coming academic semester.

The system is designed to provide two main features. Updates of the bus status, providing the estimated arrival time of bus to the bus stops and provide the timetable of the bus. Students using this service can check the estimated arrival time of each bus to each location. Updates such as  “On the way”, “Arrived” or “Left”. Will be displayed accordingly. Besides that, the passengers can also check the schedule of the buses plan their trips accordingly.

The project is currently being planned, designed and developed by 6 members

Abba Lawan, Chin Jian Ji, Swaraj Dube, Lim Leong Cheong, Ryan Goh Chuang Hong, Cheah Dik Ken.

The Student Association has worked together with this team in terms of facilitating the UNMC Sustainability Research Network who was conducting research on the best way to go about development of the system to work together with students who have the technical know how to get this project off of the ground. We are also providing support in acquiring beta testers for the project.

If any of you are interested in signing up as a beta tester for the app please fill out this Google Form and the team will contact you if you are selected for the beta test group.