Effective 1st of July the University is introducing new shuttle buses and routes. This is one of the biggest changes that we have witnessed to the buses so far. The most significant change being the upgrade of the buses. Though the bus provider has not changed and is still Terus Maju, under the renewed contract they have upgraded the buses. Its all brand new and extremely comfortable. (a bit too comfortable for those of you that nap on the bus). Also under the new contract there is a new bus provider PlusLiner which has been recognized for it’s fleet management by SPAD (Transport authority of Malaysia).Newest Addition to the routes that we have is the introduction of the route to Kuala

Lumpur Teaching Centre (KLTC) which is walking distance to Pavilion. So now we have a bus that goes direct without any stops to KL.

Have we mentioned that the buses are brand new? Its not just the outside that’s new. Currently Terus Maju will be providing the usual routes

  • Kajang KTMBuses
  • TTS (Taman Tasik Semenyih)
  • Tesco (Semenyih)
  • Mosque for Friday Prayers

Plusliner will be providing the other routes

  • BTS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan)
  • KLTC (Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre)

Also its important to note that effective 1st of July 2015 all passengers will need to display their student/staff ID before boarding. The driver has the right to ask the passenger to leave the bus if you fail to do so. The only exception being the new students and their parents who may not have IDs at the time, observed during the start of new intakes.

Because of the Section 70 of the Road Transport Act 1987, heavy vehicles including buses are prohibited from entering narrow roads within residential premises which could endanger the safety of the passengers and the vehicles therein or other persons or vehicles using the road. Therefor all bus pickups and drop offs will be done along the main road in TTS. However a mini bus and the UNMC van will enter TTS 3 and TTS 4 for pickups and dropoffs to suplplement the current transport provisions.

Check out the link for the Shuttle Bus Schedule for 1st July 2015 to 19th July 2015 to download the shuttle bus schedule.

You can always email Campus.Services@nottingham.edu.my or Transport@nottingham.edu.my if you have any questions, complains or feedback regarding the transport services provided at UNMC.