The Clubs and Societies Executive Camp (CSEC) was held for the second time from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2017. Over eighty leaders and representatives from UNMC’s clubs and societies joined hands together as one family in the camp at Pangkor, which lasted for three days and two nights.

The camp is hosted to ensure that student leaders of UNMC are well-informed of the many event procedures in the Student Association (SA) and to provide a platform on which strong bonds are forged between not just the leaders of the clubs and societies, but SA staff and executives too.

A trainer was hired to guide the student leaders through various challenges in an interesting manner. One of the highlights of the camp was the Explorace, which served to put their endurance and leadership skills to the test.

Leaders of the clubs and societies were in for a pleasant surprise during the camp too. All of them were awarded medals as a token of appreciation for their collective efforts in helping UNMC win the Best Student Experience award last year. SA staff Mohamed Shazereen gave an encouraging speech, urging our student leaders to do even better this year.

Jam packed with information sessions and fun activities, the student leaders had a productive and interesting weekend. Several campers have expressed immense satisfaction with the camp, despite the intensive training and challenges they have undergone.

By the end of the camp, new bonds were made, old bonds were strengthened and greater understanding was forged between all participants of the camp. It is definitely heartwarming to see how united the student leaders have become and this served to instill confidence that they will bring forth the best student experience in UNMC once again.