A collaboration between Psychology Society and Biosciences Society brought about this year’s first Christmas Dinner, a lovely event meant for gathering to bond with and get to know fellow students from both the Psychology and Biosciences courses over a delicious meal.

On the evening of 7th December 2017, the UG room was transformed into a festive yet minimalist dining area and social space, with an extremely generous spread of dishes. The event was declared opened by Dr. David Keeble, Head of School of Psychology, as he gave an opening speech, as well as presented an award to the top student Jasmine.

The moment everyone had been waiting for had finally arrived: The buffet has officially opened! Students and lecturers alike made their way to queue up for the glorious food. Everyone had a cozy time chatting with friends while eating, and some were even playfully spraying each other with artificial snow, which led up to the chaotic group photograph.

The final activity of the night was a rousing game of charades which left the players in peals of laughter. A guitar was brought out and a festive jamming session of Christmas songs ensued as the night would to a close. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the dinner, as they spent time with each other over a scrumptious meal under a joyful Christmas atmosphere.



Writer: Madhara

Photographer: Madhara

Editor(s): Iyath, Lim Chung We