On a bright sunny afternoon at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, AIESEC global volunteers from various countries have gathered at the Undergraduate Room to showcase the pride and joy of each nations.

Just a few weeks ago, on the 18th of January, AIESEC members made the long journey to the airport to pick up the global volunteers that consisted of citizens from Mauritius, China, Germany, Sri Lanka and many more other beautiful countries. One of the main purpose of their visits would be to bring a piece of their homeland to share with Malaysians and specifically here, the students of UNMC!

The Global Village event was held on the 1st of February 2018 from 4.30PM to 10PM at the UG Room. Tables and chairs were arranged strategically, skirting the room to enable more walkway for the performances and the people.

Mic stands and the projectors were set up and the volunteers decorated their respective tables with items concerning the identity of their motherland. Various types of snacks were displayed on the table. The Sri Lankians brought their share of delicious caramel cookies to fulfill everyone’s sweet buds while on the other side, the Italians presented their signature savory Italian cheese that cost a whopping 80 euros (RM388) per cheese block!


Earlier before the event, both the members and volunteers whole heartedly gathered at the outdoor cafeteria to perform a flash mob, they managed to grab the crowd’s attention as they danced their way through several high energy songs. Not only that, more upbeat dancing was carried on during the Global Village event to give the students a taste of AIESEC’s definition of fun, they were encouraged to join the dances with their simples moves and spirit-lifting songs.

Performances were given by the global volunteers as well as the students of Nottingham Malaysia Campus to exhibit their talent and introduce their cultural activities to the students.

The Global Village event received a lot of support from the students, they were able to understand more about other country’s delicacies and culture as well as enjoy traditional performances given by the global volunteers.



Writer: Jasmine

Photographer: Jasmine

Editor: Lim Chung We