Events Calendar is finally ready!

The functionality is pretty straight forward and I would suggest that everyone play around with it a bit and check it out rather than this being the typical walk through post on how to use the calendar. Currently it just has one event but hopefully that will not be the case once the clubs and societies submit their events to the Events Calendar.

Events Calendar

The aim of the events calendar is to have all the clubs and societies events in one place so that all students are aware of events organised by the Clubs and Societies regardless of whether they are a member or not, be able to join in on events that they may miss out on for whatever reason. Also this goes to addresses some of the students that just blurt out “UNMC is so boring, there is nothing to do”.

Add to Cal

One Key feature that i would like to point out is, the feature to add events directly into your Google™ Calendar. Please make sure of it as much as you can so that you never miss an event that you’d like to go to. All the fields along with Location of the Event are filled out automatically and you just have to add it to your calendar.



Clubs and Societies are encouraged to submit their events to the Events Calendar. Generally events will get posted as soon as it’s reviewed. The more clear and concise the filling up of the form is the faster we can review it and approve it to go on the website. Quality of content that is delivered through the website is very important to us. The preferred workflow is that once your event is approved the club or society gets someone (idealy someone in the marketing department) to submit the information for the website. The Communications Team that is being formed along with myself will be handling the approvals for the Events Calendar, we will try to keep our turnaround time below 24 hours.

Submit an Event to the Calendar

As of right now we will be only posting events that are run under the Clubs and Societies, but depending on if there is a need for it we will make one separate calendar that can be used by all faculties and staff to put up their events as well, offices like Careers, Well being, FASS etc who generally have a lot of events in a year.

We are working on improving this Events Calendar, the next addition will allow events to be shared separately. Right now the functionality doesn’t allow for this which hopefully we will be able to fix within the coming weeks. Also we are looking at creating a separate calendar just for sports since almost all the sporting events are re occurring training that happen at least twice every week and if we have it on the same calendar as the clubs and societies it would be very cluttered.

I’ll be organizing a short briefing/discussion for the Clubs and Societies within this week on how to best utilise the Events Calendar. Which hopefully will be this Thursday. Which i will confirm with the Clubs and Societies Presidents via email.

We hope that this helps out everyone that is involved in clubs and Societies to have better engagement with their members and the members better engagement with the Clubs and Societies.