Freshers’ Week, held from Monday (2nd October) to Friday (6th October) offered a myriad of exhilarating experiences mainly aimed to welcome our dear freshers to the new chapter of their lives that is UNMC.

On the first day of Freshers’ Week, the ColourFest was held. During the event, the(previously) white shirts donned by our fellow participants were soon doused in an entire gamut of colours as they threw rangoli powder of various hues enthusiastically around the entire court. The ColourFest has brought opportunities for people to interact with one another while having fun. The varicoloured floor of the basketball court left in its wake was a vibrant testament to the excitement brought about during the first day of Fresher’s Week.

An ice skating event was also held at IOI City Mall on Tuesday, the 3rd of October. Freshers had the chance to hit the ice rink with their best moves, or skitter meekly along as they begin to pick up the basics bit by bit.

The Clubs and Societies (CS) Fair was held for two consecutive days beginning from Wednesday (4th October), where all active clubs and societies in UNMC could showcase themselves to freshers and returning students alike. Creatively attractive booths were set up with information about each club and society freely available. All students could join the clubs or societies they believe fit their interests to a tee during the fair.

Last but not least was Myfest, which was held on Friday (6th October). A Pasar Malam (which means “night market” in Malay) was set up near the fountain area right outside the Trent building. A wide array of delicacies was served that night, with the gelato stall being one of the more popular stalls.

Marvelously breathtaking traditional performances were also held onstage in the Great Hall during Myfest. In the midst of the event, the crowd was also invited to join in the fun onstage!

UNMC’s very own talented performers were also featured onstage during Myfest. Nathmie, Shaira, Kareshma and the Bolly Girls each delivered their respective masterpieces onstage for all to appreciate.

Freshers’ Week was concluded with the end of MyFest. It is with no doubt that Freshers’ Week has allowed more people to feel at home in UNMC and had successfully brought fond experiences to many for years to come. This year’s Freshers’ Week was fun and fulfilling, and has certainly exceeded expectations for the many thrilling moments it brought to UNMC.

Credits for photos:

ColourFest – Nottingham Photography Society
MYFest – Digital Arts Guild