SA General Committee consists of four parts:

A) SA Secretary

B) SA Treasurer

C) Resource and Acquisition Team

D) Marketing and Communications Team

A) The SA Secretary shall:

(i) Be appointed by the SA Vice President after the academic year commences.

(ii) Be responsible for the booking and notification of meetings; proper maintenance of all records of meetings and decisions, organization of the meeting agenda and the safe custody and archiving of minute books, correspondence and all registers.

(iii) Directly be responsible for maintaining minutes of the SA Executive Meetings and their publication for public reference. (on the SA website?)

(iv) To carry out all administrative scope of work under the SA President and Vice President.

(v) Collect at least 2 Meeting Minutes of each SA Network by the end of each Semester and publish them for public reference.

B) The SA Treasurer shall:

(i) Be appointed through application and interview after the General Elections with the help of the leaving and the newly elected SA Executive Team.

(ii) Teach C&S treasurers how to correctly submit all finance related documents and keeping the accounts.

(iii) Assist the SA President with monitoring and budgeting of the SA Grant.

(iv) Assist in monitoring the activities of the Resource and Acquisition Team.

(v) Be under the jurisdiction of the SA Vice President, but also help the whole SA with finance related matters.

C) The Resource and Acquisition Team shall:

(i) Provide a platform for students to develop entrepreneurial skills by giving the projects a loan from the SA Grant.

(ii) Choose, support and monitor business projects brought forth by the students.

(iii) Approve the projects based on profitability and the effectiveness in enhancing the student experience in university and other appropriate criterions.

(iv) Consult and assist the students regarding budgeting, implementation and marketing of their business project.

(v) Profits made by students will be shared between SA and students depending on the loan category and profit will be channeled to SA Grant.

D) The Marketing and Communications Team consists of three departments:

(a) Social Media Team

(i) Responsible for posting updates on SA’s Facebook Page.

(ii) Responsible for Facebook Live broadcasts at major events, discretionary upon the Head of Marketing and Communications.

(iii) Responsible for processing advertisements as approved by Head of Marketing and Communications, or alternatively the Head of Departments.

(iv) Responsible for broadcasting announcements and updates by the University and Clubs & Societies.

(v) Responsible for the maintenance of SA Website’s Event Calendar.

(b) Public Relations Team

(i) Responsible for relationship management across the SA in terms of publicity and corporate identity, as well as with the student body, representatives and external bodies.

(ii) Responsible for financial management on behalf of other teams. This includes revenue projection, cost-benefit analysis and financial reporting.

(iii) Responsible for on-boarding of projects and dealing with Clubs & Societies’ requests, as well as passing on related processing work to Social Media and Design & Editorial teams.

(c) Editorial & Design Team

(i) Responsible for designing marketing and communication mediums on a project-based schedule with standardized charges for Clubs & Societies.

(ii) Responsible for filtering all externally submitted work before publication.