Many have enjoyed a dose of Indonesian goodness in the Trent building on the 23rd of March with the Indonesian Charity Food Fair. The types of food that were presented in the Indonesian Charity Food Fair were magnificently varied. It also has boasted quite a few impressive native snacks, along with a rather quirky game for all to enjoy.

The food fair was an event set up in collaboration between the Indonesian Society and the ACE Society. It was set up with two goals in mind. Firstly, to introduce Indonesian food to everyone in UNMC campus and secondly, to give back to the society. All proceeds from the fair are donated to Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa (YPAB), a charity organization that works to provide education for the underprivileged in Indonesia.

A few stalls were set up during the fair and the types of Indonesian food were introduced according to the following categories: heavy meals, light snacks and beverages.

As below were some of the highlights of the fair:
For heavy meals: Nasi Kuning, Mie Ayam and Bakso (the chili accompanying the noodles was personally guaranteed by the president of the Indonesian Society to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for all those who enjoy spicy cuisine)

Mie Ayam and Bakso


For snacks:
Risol, the Indonesian croquette, crunchy crust filled with soft chewy vegetables and the Pisang Cokelat, the beauty that is banana fritters slathered in thick chocolate sauce.



Pisang Cokelat


For drinks, the Soda Gembira, a drink consisting of soda water, condensed milk and rose syrup and Teh Botol, the Indonesian national drink.

Soda Gembira

The fair also featured a rather amusing and unusual game, where players are supposed to wear a rope with a metal piece tied to it around their waists, and try to get the metal pieces through the neck of a glass bottle on the floor. The game stall has the words “Maen Yuk” hung on it, which means “let’s play” in Indonesian.

The president of the Indonesian Society was interviewed later on in regards to this event.

Q: What does the society wish to achieve with this?

A: We are doing this for charity. Whatever we have received from this fair will be donated to the YPAB, an organization that provides education for the underprivileged people in poverty and suffer lack of resources and opportunities.

Q: I have heard from one of your members that the Indonesian Society was unable to set up a food fair like this for the past few years due to budget constraints. It is certainly great to see that it can be set up this year. Will the society want to hold another food fair next year?

A: Yes, definitely. We also hope to improve our next fair by introducing a wider range of food, and more games into our fair. We are also looking forward for collaboration with more clubs and societies to make the fair a better one.

Q: Do you have anything you would like to convey to the readers?

A: I would like to give a shout-out to the ACE society and give thanks for their collaboration with us. The ACE society is also using this event as a prelude towards their own event, the Nation Trivia Wars.

With the unique and wonderful experience the Indonesian Charity Food Fair has brought to UNMC, we certainly look forward to another food fair hosted by the Indonesian Society. Remember to catch two nights of Nation Trivia Wars, happening from 6pm to 7pm at the SA Circle!



Written by Lim Chung Pore
SA Marketing and Communication Team