On the 6th of December, the Nottingham Dance Club (NDC) had their very first bonding event for the academic year. The event was a fun get-together with a Christmas theme that fitted right into the spirit of the season.

It is no doubt that NDC sure knows how to show people a good time! The event started out with a dance themed game entitled ‘A New Friend Found’. The objective was to dance in a complicated and mind-boggling sequence and meet a new friend at every turn.

The next game had everyone’s vocal box warmed up as they had to find their group mates by singing out the lyrics that were allocated randomly. These groups then engaged in an epic shakedown in the following game, ‘Shake it Off’, where everyone were dancing furiously to the beat in order to shake off the sticky notes that have been placed on them by the opposing team.

Next in the line-up was the Blind Santa game which had members rolling all over the floor to evade the ‘Blind Santa’. Players who were caught (Rudolphs) were then tasked to assist the Blind Santa to catch the others. However, they were only allowed to use the ‘Rudolph Language’, which comprised mostly of excited moaning that all the players were in peals of laughter.

Not forgetting to mention, the dinner comprised of a truly impressive spread, which was largely atypical of usual UNMC event fare and it has provided another opportunity the new members to get to know one another and bond with the senior members as well.

The most anticipated activity of the night was the exchanging of gifts nevertheless. Attendees were informed that they could bring a small gift and it was a pleasant surprise to find that almost everyone had contributed a gift to the pile. In addition to that, NDC had also prepared goodie bags to ensure that everyone went home, without an empty hand.



Christmas gathering is never complete without a hilarious game of charades, right? NDC did not fail to deliver it and the event ended with rounds of charades and karaoke and the dance studio was trembling with the sounds of joy and laughter.

All in all, the event was a resounding success and we hope to see more amazing events in the future that display the warm and passionate spirit of NDC!



Writer: Madhara

Photographer: Madhara

Editor: Lim Chung We