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The UON Malaysia Students’ Association (SA) is the official campus organization that represents all students. The SA is made up of an elected body of students who oversee issues related to the SA.

News and Announcements

Brains+Skills= Inter-Faculty Championship 2018 (Part 1): Opening Ceremony!

The Inter-Faculty Championship 2018 is a collaborative event held by the Student’s Association’s Sports and Education Networks, in which comprises of 2 main competitive components, namely games and trivia. The 4 faculties that will be competing includes: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and the Foundations.

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SA General Elections 2018 / 2019

Nominations for SA General Elections 2018/2019 are now open!

This year, all you need to do is fill the form below and send a soft copy of your manifesto to the Student Council Vice Chairperson to nominate yourself.

Apply now and be the change that you want to see in University of Nottingham Malaysia!

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Countries and Diversities: Global Village 2018

On a bright sunny afternoon at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, AIESEC global volunteers from various countries have gathered at the Undergraduate Room to showcase the pride and joy of each nations.

Just a few weeks ago, on the 18th of January, AIESEC members made the long journey to the airport to pick up the global volunteers that consisted of citizens from Mauritius, China, Germany, Sri Lanka and many more other beautiful countries.

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Food Inspection Report (November 2017)

In November, a food inspection was conducted by 3 groups of people, each group consisting of 2 Student Association members and 1 staff member. (This inspection included Sonder but could not be completed because it was closed on the day of inspection) In addition, 619 stall receipts from students themselves were collected on the voting of 14 food stalls for this month.
The results of the inspection are as below, in the form of the scores each stall garnered as well as comments made by the inspectors

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“Students’ Association Website Never Sleeps”

Our Students’ Association Website has become the main avenue to engage, interact and update students with what the SA and Clubs & Societies have planned over the year.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Jane Lim

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