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The UNMC Student Association (SA) is the official campus organization that represents all students. The SA is made up of an elected body of students who oversee issues related to the SA.

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Nottingham Charity Run 2017 by ACE Society

Nottingham Charity Run 2017 (NCR) is the 9th annual event organized by ACE society of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). The Nottingham Charity Run 2017 took place successfully on the 19th of March. This charity run is the event held with the purpose of raising funds and fostering awareness for a charitable purpose in Malaysia. The charity run event also coincided with the 10th anniversary celebration of the ACE society!

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Say YES to Malaysia Youth Entrepreneur Challenge Camp (MYECC) 2.0

UNMC Youth Entrepreneur Society (YES) has once more brought the event back again to instil entrepreneurial qualities into its participants over a course of 3 days and 2 nights, held from the 7th – 9th of April 2017 within the university’s grounds. Opening its doors to university students all over Malaysia, the event garnered a welcoming response of 105 scholars of multiple disciplines from various institutions. The event had prominent names and entrepreneur figures who shared their experiences and insights on their entrepreneurship journey. The participants were also drilled with exhilarating team building games and engaging business simulation activities across the entire duration of the event. 3 days’ worth of time, 3 days’ worth of brand new experiences; Many agreed that the camp was worth their time and have mentioned that they have had an enjoyable weekend. May this article be a form of appreciation for all the hard work behind the scenes.

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SWAG 5.0: Chronos

On the night of 5th and 6th April, Nottingham Dance Club’s annual dance production made a comeback with their time related theme (Chronos) as they bring the audience to a journey back in time by visiting unique dance genres in different eras. Following the time-inspired theme, the showcase started out with the current era and went way back to 1920s-1970s, then crawled back to the 1980s – 2000s, and returned to the contemporary times as an end note. A certain amount of funds from the sales of the tickets to the SWAG Showcase was also donated to the BBB (Bricks by Bricks) Project of ACE society

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Language Exchange Program

A closing ceremony for the Language Exchange Program was held on 3rd April 2017 to give out certificates to all eligible students. The Language Exchange Program is a free platform provided to all students of UNMC to practice foreign language speaking skills through reciprocal learning. Towards the end of Spring semester and end of LEP, only 34 students were eligible to earn the LEP certificate.

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