A showcase for the talents of UNMC!

The UNMC Intra-Badminton Tournament 2017/2018 was held on the 4th and 6th of this December! Organised by the UNMC Badminton Club, the tournament took place in the Multipurpose Hall of the University’s Sports Complex, where each day from 6pm to 10pm, badminton players gathered to showcase their amazing skills and challenge fellow sportsmen and sportswomen in a friendly spirit.

The categories played out were men singles, men doubles, and mixed doubles; with some participants playing in multiple categories. The event started off with a good flow, however towards the end, it was evident that more rest was needed for players in between schedules.

The Badminton Club was generous with their participants and gave out cash prizes for the Champions, 1st and 2nd runners-up in all three categories; with the Singles and Doubles Champions walking away with a whopping RM 120 and RM 280 respectively.

The winners for each category are as follows:


Men Singles: Eh Jia Yang

Men Doubles: Darren Chin Zhan Xuan / Guok Kah Sin

Mixed Doubles: Nigel Chong / Chong Xin Yi


1st Runners-up

Men Singles: Huan Choon Cherng

Men Doubles: Desmond Teo Kai Xiang / Muhamad Hishamudin

Mixed Doubles: Law Shi Tang / Hoo Y Mien


2nd Runners-up

Men Singles: Lim Yuan Feng

Men Doubles: Jason Ha Jian Heng / Ho Qie Hao

Mixed Doubles: Darren Chin Zhan Xuan / Shaziyah


Fourth Place

Men Singles: Desmond Teo Kai Xiang

Men Doubles: Law Shi Tang / Lock Choon Hui

Mixed Doubles: Muhamad Hishamudin / Nurul Aina

Overall, the tournament was a success, and there were no injuries that occurred throughout. Keep an eye out for the next event organised by the Badminton Club as they continue to promote the love for this sport!



Writer: Angeline Choong

Photographer(s): Lim Chung We, Angeline Choong

Editors: Iyath, Lim Chung We