Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is an autonomous body (answerable to the Student Council) whose purpose is to oversee the implementation of election procedures. Come election time, we are the ones who will ensure that voting procedures are carried out with the utmost ease, efficiency and transparency. Our mission will be to provide you, the student body, with comprehensive information regarding the details and agendas of candidates. This, combined with clear-cut instructions on how each individual can cast their vote for their desired representatives, will guarantee that you, the student body, can be sure that only the most able candidates are elected for SA positions. Moreover, our job is to ensure that candidates use all available avenues for campaigning through transparent, honest and straightforward means, and that any misconduct is dealt with in a fair and just manner.

Returning Officer

Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz

Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz


As Returning Officer of the Elections Committee, it is my responsibility to oversee all activities undertaken by the EC. I will be the head of the committee, and will work together with the rest of the team to ensure fair and transparent elections. Furthermore, I will see to it that all EC activities are carried out in an efficient and timely manner.