It is no news to students that there have been huge changes brought to the Food and Beverage services of UNMC. We’ve been offered a large variety of cuisines to tickle our taste buds. The newest addition to this list may come as a delight to those of us who feel deprived of a proper Café experience as a result of living in the jungle. Lucky for you guys, Treehouse Café at the Terrace Cafeteria is here to make your university experience just a little bit better.

As far as Cafés should go, Treehouse seems to be keeping up with the latest trends. Not only will you get different varieties of coffee, you also have a selection of main dishes, pizzas, and delicious cakes and pastries. Tea drinkers don’t be alarmed! You guys have the option to choose between the different flavours of tea. The owner Christine Bong suggests dropping by between 12pm-2pm where you can enjoy a 12” Pizza for RM12.50 or Chicken for RM8.50 with drinks. To keep things interesting, there will be different toppings for pizza each day.

The Treehouse Café also plans on having open mic nights and monthly movie nights. To kick-start this, there will be a screening of The Conjuring on 29th of October for Halloween.

The owners of the Treehouse Café already have established cafeterias in two other Universities in Malaysia: The Glasshouse Café in MAHSA University, and The Warehouse Café in Multimedia University. Calling this one The Treehouse Café is rather self-explanatory as UNMC is at the heart of the jungle. The Treehouse Cafe can also be used on various nl casino sites to replenish your personal account.

For those who have already heard of The Glasshouse Café in MAHSA University and The Warehouse Café in Multimedia University, you might be wondering why UNMC has The Treehouse Café. Well the answer is simple. UNMCà Jungle à Treehouse

Finally, for those of you who are looking for part-time work, look no further than The Treehouse Café. Whether it be an internship, training to be a barista or even marketing on social media, The Treehouse Café is willing to take you under their wings. Plus, there are no minimum working hours so shifts can be easily fit into a student’s busy schedule.