On the 16th and 25th of November 2016, the SA conducted a Food Inspection in the UNMC Cafeteria together with Campus Services and the Health & Safety Office (H&S). The SA teams involved were the Sustainability Network, International Student Bureau, Home and Marketing & Communications.


The objectives of the inspection were to ensure the quality of service offered by the vendors are of an acceptable standard in terms of hygiene and F&B ethical obligations, among other things.

A specific checklist approved by the Campus Services office was used as the main guideline for the inspection. Two individuals from either SA, H&S or Campus Services teamed up to inspect the stalls and also the staff who were on duty. Some of the criteria would include the cleanliness of the workers (whether they dressed appropriately and used proper equipment such as aprons and covered shoes). A thorough inspection of the kitchenware and how ingredients were stored was also done as part of the strict criteria.

food-inspection-003SA and Health & Safety Office working together to examine one of the stalls at the cafeteria.

food-inspection-004     food-inspection-005
SA Executives, Home (left), ISB (right), and also Sustainability, were some of the evaluators in the Inspection.

food-inspection-002SA and Campus Services Officer tallying the scores of each inspection for the final outcome.

The scores of each stall will indicate the overall cleanliness of the food and the environment in which they are prepared, and are as follows:

Date of Inspection: 16th Nov 2016
1. RK Fatima: 81.67
2. Treehouse: 79.33

Date of Inspection: 25th Nov 2016
1. Pakistani / Arabic: 74.5
2. Malay: 72.5
3. Japanese: 91
4. Western: 86
5. Beverages: 54
6. Chinese (Ala carte): 72
7. Chinese (Chicken Rice): 71
8. Desserts: 84.5
9. Snacks: 94.5
10. Vegetarian: 49.5

Note: These scores will be on display at each stall.

An important announcement to highlight is the implementation of the Feedback box which will be temporarily placed in front of the SA Executive Office. In the future, the Campus Services Office will be enacting specific boxes for each stall and place these boxes at a specified area in the cafeteria so a more targeted approach can be taken. However, this is expected to be done by early January 2017. For the time being, the Feedback box placed in front of the SA Executive Office will aim to address issues of students in regards to F&B services offered on campus.

Students who have any suggestions or complaints regarding a particular stall or the F&B service in general can write their comments on the back of a receipt (for which food or beverages were purchased) and drop it in the box. Currently, the comments will be taken into consideration by the SA Executives for action to be taken at the soonest.

The SA hopes that through this initiative, more students can be aware of the part each of us play in upholding the quality of F&B services offered by vendors in our cafeteria, and also work to improve the quality of student life as the health and safety of students are of utmost importance to us.


SA Marketing & Communications