General Info Regarding the Cash Card and FAQs

Though this post is mainly Pro Tips about how to most effectively use your cash card we would like to address the questions that we are sure that most of the student body will ask us as well.

  • Why was the coupon system replaced?
    • If you ask this question then you must really love monopoly cos most of the student body hated the coupon system. This is a very progressive and very important change and we feel you guys would see it as that as well.
  • Why did this change take so long?
    • Well as you can imagine this could not have been done immediately. There was a lot of infrastructure that needed to be put in place plus since the system is quite technical and involves money it needed to be done right and with a lot of planning and care.
  • Why didn’t they just link the student card and allow us to pay with that?
    • Security and data protection. Also if this was linked it would mean that an outside company would have access to student information and the university is very strict when it comes to such policies.
  • Why not use Touch ‘n Go instead?
    • UNMC Cash Card provider is ePetrol and is cheaper compared to using Touch ‘n Go. You can compare if you do not want to take our word for it here.
  • Why did the university go with ePetrol?
    • The system is provided free of charge to the University with the service provider taking charge of maintenance and providing the POS system’s printing paper rolls and also upkeep of the website portal.
  • How does ePetrol make money if it’s free?
    • They make money from the RM 3 that is charged every 6 months and the transaction fee (RM 0.30) which is charged if you reload RM 20. Basically if you reload in the RM 50 and RM 100 denominations in your 3 years of study here they will get RM 18. That’s it.

This is a very good system and since it’s time of implementation we have no complaints about it. Any student that tells you that this system is just there to make money off of students has not checked the facts.


Pro Tips

Top up with only RM 50 and RM 100, beyond just the RM 0.30 that you save, you also save time which you would be wasting lining up to top up your card.

Make sure that you always keep your receipts in your wallet. At least the latest one so that you are sure of how much balance you have. You don’t want the embarrassment of trying to pay and your card not having enough balance.

Make sure that the first thing you do after you get the card is activating it and registering it online. This helps in case you misplace your card to block the card online so that people can’t use the money in the card. You don’t want people to steal your money.

Last but not least we want you to write your name on the card. So that in the case that you loose the card we the student body can return it to you if we find it. we’ll recommend that you use masking tape so that it wont damage or ruin the card’s aesthetics in anyway (so that you get the deposit back in the end when you are done with studies).

Below is how we’d recommend you do it. Phone number or your OWA id can be used along with your name so that we can get in touch with you. Please return the cards to the security office and not to the Student Association.