In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, SA Sustainability Network took another creative spin and organised a fund-raising event named ‘Valentine Speed Dating’. A charitable cause, the idea of the event was to provide a chance for students to meet and interact with each other. Profits from the fundraiser are channeled to charity through the SA grant.

There were a total of 42 people, 21 pairs of mixed genders, who participated.  As with a typical speed dating session, the participants were required to switch partners after every session, each lasting between five to ten minutes. The ladies were seated with numbered tables, whereas the men were assigned a random sequence of numbers, and would rotate between numbers accordingly after each session, for a total of 7 sessions. The event lasted for approximately an hour.

Comment cards were placed on the tables so that they could write a few words about each session as it ended and then drop them off in the respective lady/gentleman’s envelopes on one side of the room. Many participants left each other honest and encouraging messages. Some even had the chance to exchange contact details on the comment cards.

According to participants, they had enjoyed themselves and some commented that it was not as awkward as they had initially thought it would be. Some said it was just like any other social event which granted opportunities to get to know new people. A few even asked for the event to be continued next year. Hence, if you missed the event this year, do not fret as you may have your chance next year!


ATTN: The next SA event would be the International Cultural Week (ICW) happening on the 8th and 9th of march which you definitely will not want to miss out. There will be a showcase of diverse range of culture through an experiential exhibition as well as performances, food, and music during the International Cultural Night (ICN) on the 9th. Get your boarding passes at the SA circle before all seats are fully booked!


Yap Jia Ming

Photos: SA Marketing & Communications