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The Nottingham Sports Team will be organizing its’ first ever female sports week, UNMC Women-Athlon.
This event which is inspired by the ancient Heraean Games. The Haraean Games was the first sanctioned (and recorded) women’s athletic competition to be held in the stadium at Olympia, possibly in the Olympic year, prior to the men’s events. It is dated as early as the 6th century BC.


In addition to that UNMC Women-Atlon will also be held in conjunction with the International Women’s Day that will be held on the 8th of March.
Hence, we would like to extend an invitation to all female athletes on campus as well as those from other universities to join us in making this event a successful one

Date: 8th – 12th March 2016
Venue: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Semenyih, Selangor
Sports Complex, Multipurpose Indoor Court
Registration fee: RM 5 per participant

List of Sports that will take place throughout the week:

  • Basketball (Group event: 8 participants)
  • Badminton (Individual event: 1 participant)
  • Squash(Individual event: 1 participant)
  • Volleyball (Group event: 8 participants)
  • Netball(Group event: 8 participants)
  • Table Tennis(Individual event: 1 participant)
  • Dodgeballl(Group event: 8 participants)
  • Futsal(Group event: 8 participants)
  • Road-Relay(Group event: 4 participants)
  • Swimming:
    • Individual events
      • Butterfly
      • Breast Stroke
      • Freestyle
    • Group Events
      • Swimming Freestyle Relay (4X25M)
      • Swimming IM Relay (4X25M)

Medals for winners, runner-up and second-runner up
Purple Team Award for best sports team of the event
Purple Lady for the best sports women of the event

Registration for the events will take place from the 22nd February 2016 onwards in the SA Circle and registration by participants from other universities can be made through link provided on our facebook page !

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UNMC-Women-Athlon-1681544508752392/