Have you ever wondered who deals with student’s welfare on campus? Who works behind the scenes to ensure that your complaints are being worked on? It is certainly not the elves but UNMC’s very own students from various courses working to improve the quality of your student experience on campus. Compromising of 5 profiles, namely Transport, Health, Accommodation, Security and Food, the Welfare Network strives to upgrade existing services as well as to incorporate new services that would enhance your student life on campus. What’s more is that each profile is represented by one international and one home student. So, even if you’re an international or exchange student, we have you covered.

Now, YOU can do your part at improving YOUR student life experience by helping us fill out these survey form for each profile. It’ll only take 10 minutes of your time and we are looking to reach 1000 responses. So please do fill out the survey, share this to your friends and together we can improve campus services.

Click the link below to access the surveys.

Click here to Access Survey

Do note that all responses are anonymous and the data collected will be strictly treated with confidential. Therefore, your honest answers are highly appreciated as the outcome of these surveys depends heavily on the accuracy of the results.

We sincerely thank you for your valuable time spared.