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Sarah Soe (Activities Officer)

1. Scope:
Shall be responsible for administration and co-ordination of the Student Association Events and activities.
Additionally, provide information and support to all Societies, and represent the SA and students interests.
Shall be the point of contact for students, UNMC, and any external bodies in the area of Societies and

Activities Network Duties

2. Duties:
(i) Responsible for creating a lively atmosphere on campus.
(ii) To organise extracurricular events
(iii) To organise week one activities as a means of orientation for students.
(iv) To co-operate with other CS to organise events.
(v) To organise the Annual Dinner (AD).
(vi) Organise an Annual Dinner Network that is either chaired by the Activities Officer or
by an appointed Chairperson.
(vii) Shall be the chairperson of the SA Activities Network and Fresher’s Week network.
(viii) Responsible for Chairing and co-ordinating Clubs and Societies Committee.
(ix) Responsible for assisting with the production of a Guidebook for CS, in conjunction
with the Sports Officer, to be distributed to all Societies in time for Clubs and
Societies Fair.
(x) Responsible for ensuring adequate communication between Clubs and Societies
Committee and the SA Executive.
(xi) Responsible for promoting and facilitating the creation of new CS, and offering
advice on procedure.
(xii) Responsible for advising all Societies on the production of publicity materials
(xiii) Responsible for advising all Societies on planning and holding large events, choosing
venues, and booking acts.
(xiv) Responsible for co-ordinating Societies input into Clubs and Societies Fair.
(xv) Responsible for ensuring adequate training for members of CS, in conjunction with
relevant staff.
(xvi) Responsible, in conjunction with relevant staff and officers, for providing advice to

Clubs & Societies

CS on:
(i) Training.
(ii) Sponsorship.
(iii) Health and Safety.
(iv) Security.
(v) Elections and General Meetings.
(vi) Handovers.
(xvii) Responsible for the compilation of data, to be available to all CS, on social events
and other activities of CS.
(xviii) Responsible for creating the Events Monitoring Team (EMT).

Office of Student Council
(xix) Responsible for appointing a Societies Deputy. The Societies Deputy will ensure that
all administrative tasks are in their final stages prior to approval from the Activities
Officer. The Societies Deputy will be the Head of the EMT.
(xx) Responsible for liaising with the Sports Officer with regards to the Event Proposal
system and Clubs and Societies Committee.
(xxi) Responsible for bringing to the attention of the SA and other bodies matters of
concern or importance to Clubs and Societies Committee

Sarah Soe Jia Wei

SA Activities Officer

Chan Wei Shen

SA Deputy Activities Officer

Nithyasri A/P Ragavan Nambiar

SA Head of EMT

Darshana A/P Darmalinggam

SA Head of Finance

Soban Malik

Head of Events

Ehab Mohammed Ashraf

Head of Events (Ball)

Mohammad Hassan Tariq

Head of Marketing

SA Activities Network 2017/2018