I’ll try as much as I can to describe two hours of events, that no words can fully describe them. An event that does not only educate you about a lot of different cultures, but also reminds you of home. A rollercoaster of feelings from curiosity to nostalgia.

Let us first address the glamorous decorations and colours that cheers you up after a long day of classes. In addition to that, it was also topped with two beautiful hostesses that had awesome stage presence and always cheered the crowd with their jokes.

Now let us start by the top three performances which were decided by a board of judges who were all part of the UNMC’s ICN this year which were Tormali Francis (SA President), Mr. Shazereen (SA Officer), Hisham (SA Homes Officer) and Monima Mohsen, a student that was picked from the audience.

Now, in third place came Mauritius. They were wearing costumes that was full of flowers and large straw hats which perfectly illustrates the life on an island as mesmerizing and with loads of natural beauty. With the implementation of their country’s culture and traditions, their dance was full of joy and fun.

In second place was Maldives, an island in which heaven was modelled after, gave also a well-rehearsed dance with perfect execution of harmony. The dance and the music did not just get most of the hall clapping with the rhythm, but it also showcased the importance of fishing is to their culture as they pulled out a paper boat and acted it out.

Before the announcement of the first placing country, here are a few of my personal favourites, in which I would take them as honourable mentions. My personal favourite was Sudan’s performance as they made an attempt to show both sides of their culture: the modern and the traditional one.

Another impressive performance was Seychelles’. It started out with a girl whose voice was perfect, and if there was ever a sound for remedy, I think she was truly blessed with it. In fact, the scene where members from the audiences who stood up and began dancing along with the music was one of the most amazing things that has happened in this event.

Finally, in the first place was Indonesia. Indonesia was one of the few rather creative and different performances. There was a narrator telling an ancient story of their culture which a typical romance story was where the princess is abducted by a monster. However, the prince finds her and kills the monster with one blow.

What was also impressive in this year’s event was the fashion show. More than 12 countries participated, and that my favourite was the Turkmenistan girls. In my opinion, I felt that their costumes were perfect, and they looked great wearing them.

At the end, after 2 hours of 12 astonishing performances from 12 different countries, there was a plethora of food served, in which was a whole different journey.

A piece of advice: If you missed out on this year’s ICN, don’t miss next year’s.



Writer: Esmail

Photographer: Omar Samy

Editor: Lim Chung We