Dong-dong-chiang! Firstly, the SA wishes everyone a prosperous and delightful new year, and welcome back to our beautiful campus for this Spring semester!

In conjunction with the recent Chinese New Year, the SA collaborated with Nottingham Dance Club and our very own 24-Festive-Drums Team to bring you some exciting performances!

The celebration kicked off with a graceful Chinese Fan Dancing performance by the NDC.

This was followed by a heart-racing drum performance by the 24-Festive-Drums Team of UNMC.

The drum team was founded in Malaysia in 1988. It was based on the 24 festive seasons recorded in the Chinese calendar (for example the Winter Solstice, Harvest Season, and Mooncake festival, etc.), and is unique to UoN Malaysia among all three institutions.

Finally, our SA Executives went around distributing “Ang Pau”s which are red packets, the symbol of luck and prosperity in the Chinese culture, to our students who will hopefully be blessed all year round!

Stay tuned for more events organised by the SA – such as the upcoming International Cultural Night (ICN)!

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

John Lim
Marketing & Communications