Once again, it is time to embark on an adventurous musical journey with soaring voices and instrumental ensembles. The annual Choir & Chamber Music Orchestra event (CCMO) organized by UNMC Music Society was held on the 5th and 6th March 2018 at the Great Hall and took the audience on a journey of magic, music and enchantment.

Judging from the long queue that stood outside the hall waiting to enter, one could tell that CCMO had indeed been a well-anticipated event. A few moments after 7pm when everyone was seated, the host of the event (Justin) announced the start of the event by briefing the attendees with a few customary rules and invited the performers in to take the stage.

The choir and orchestra performed the following numbers:

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star + The Second Star To The Right
  2. Stars
  3. Little Mermaid Medley
  4. Mulan Medley
  5. Hopes & Dreams
  6. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  7. Sakura No Shiori
  8. How To Train Your Dragon
  9. Fantasia 2000
  10. Kaze No Toorimichi
  11. Sword Art Online Medley
  12. Deliver Us
  13. When You Believe
  14. Ori and The Blind Forest
  15. Mary Poppins Medley
  16. Enchanted
  17. Your Name Medley
  18. The Prayer

The night started of on an awe-inspiring note with the choir’s rendition of “Stars” which was solely accompanied by eerie music drawn from glass and water. While we have all experimented with this phenomenon in our childhood, the performance’s blend of spine chilling vocals and ringing melody had the audience on the edge of their seats, hearts reaching for a distant star.

Between each song, the deep, imposing voice of the MC rang out through the hall as he explained the background and meaning of the song. The ringing voiceover added to the mystery and magic of the event.


The choir performance of Sakura no Shiori (Cherry Blossom Bookmark) spun a tale of graduation and departure. Its soft melody incited feelings of nostalgia and told us that perhaps partings need not be sad affairs after all.

Medleys of songs from much loved childhood favourites such as, Mulan, Little Mermaid, Fantasia 2000 and even the more recent, How to Train Your Dragon, took us all back to simpler times where #goals only meant longer TV time.

The choir did not hesitate to delve into darker times and grittier themes with their performance of Deliver Us from the Oscar winning movie ‘Prince of Egypt’. The performance also boasted a phenomenal soloist who brought this piece to life in all its pain and glory. Their orchestral performance of Ori and the Blind Forest, too, captured the emotions of love, caring, loss, tragedy and healing. This number included tones created by natural, mundane objects, showing that music can be created anywhere, with anything.

As expected, their orchestral performance of songs from the hit anime, Your Name/ Kimi No Na Wa had the crowd screaming and crying in equal measure.

By the end of the performances, the audience, naturally, clamoured for more, and so at the cries of “Encore!”, the choir and orchestra performed their version of “A Million Dreams” from the 2018 Oscar nominated movie ‘The Greatest Showman’.

All in all, the event was a rousing success and it is quite difficult to imagine how the Society could possibly top this performance next year. We can only wait and see! Make sure you don’t miss out!



Writer: Angeline

Photographer: Verginia

Editors: Madhara, Lim Chung We