CSEC 2018/19: Clubs and Societies Executive Camp is an event organised and hosted by the Students’ Association (SA) annually with the intention of both educating and advising the new clubs and societies’ presidents. The camp was originally planned to be held in the picturesque city of Malacca. However, it was later shifted to be held in Hotel Melia, a 4-Star Hotel in Bukit Bintang instead. It was held from 14th September 2018 to 15th September 2018.

The presidents of all the clubs and societies gathered at the university’s bus stop to make their way to the hotel, knowing that they had committed themselves to this camp.

And, they were glad that they made it.

Apart from the initial hiccups, the camp was extremely well organised from head to toes. The new venue was stunning, comfortable and has provided great amenities for all the activities held. The objectives of the camp, in which were to make clear of the SA rules, regulations and procedures and to build confidence and motivation in the new champions of student life on campus was undoubtedly accomplished.

Comments from participants include:

“It was a great place for club and society presidents to network and set the foundation for future collaborations which will certainly make for a very interesting year!”

“The simulation challenge has really tested us and made us realized that if we could plan and execute an event in just 2 hours, we can do wonders in 20 weeks!”

The games were designed in such a manner that allows the student leaders to immerse themselves into the process of creating and executing an event. From the very beginning, they were already thrown into a pit of obstacles. For instance, they were only provided with little funds, thus challenging them to utilize it with the best of their abilities. Subsequently, this also leads to common issues faced by any leaders during the preparation of an event, such as: encountering difficulties with the authorities during the negotiations, obtaining permission, managing finances, fostering both team spirit and cooperation between members (which begged the question– ‘How hard would it be to lead a team of leaders?’), adapting to strange, unexpected and occasionally hazardous situations as well.

This account can be best concluded in the paraphrased words of an initially hesitant participant, “I considered ditching this camp so many times as I have a lot on my plate and it seemed like it was going to be a flop. However, I am so glad I have decided to participate because I have gotten valuable information I would never have had the opportunity to otherwise, and to be able to meet many interesting and unique individuals.”

Kudos to the SA Executives, and cheers to a well-executed project and a fruitful year ahead!



Written by: Madhara Iddamalgoda

Photographed by: Official Event Photographer

Edited by: Lim Chung We