‘Cultural Mashup 2016’ organised by the Pakistani Cultural Society on Friday (25/11/2016), has once again showcased the dynamic diversity found in our beloved campus!

Cultural Mashup - 002

Generally, dance is seen not only as an art form to some individuals but also a sport that requires tremendous effort as well. It is a way to express one’s self and one’s culture and tradition. Through a “mashup”, as suggested by the event title itself, each country had to perform a native dance of another country. The dancers of this event all tried to embody someone else’s culture and immersed oneself into it.

Cultural Mashup - 001

Starting with an upbeat Sri Lankan dance, the crowd was clearly hyped with their roars and chanting. Highly stylized in terms of gestures, music and dance, the performance was wonderfully putted together. Followed by a traditional Sudanese dance performed by our Malaysia. Bangladesh came up next shaking it and belly dancing to Egyptian music. Next on the line of performance as Mauritius making an interesting interpretation of the Maldivian dance. Then, India blessed us with a tropical performance brought all the way from Mauritius. It was upbeat and the crowd was in awe. The hosts, Pakistan, performed the music and dance of the African diaspora. Continuing the dance mashup was Sri Lanka as Bangladesh, the costumes and hand movements were striking. Then, the UK performed as India of which the host jokingly mentioned, “after 69 years of independence the British can’t seem to let the Indians go”.

Well, who could let India’s lavish theatrical style pass by?

Next was Egypt performing the infamous twerking as UK, providing us with some pop culture. The crowd was ‘on fire’ during the performance, cheering and screaming like there is no tomorrow. Then, Central Asia performed as Pakistan, a well delivered representation and an enthusiastic team. To end the wonderful night, the countries participated in a finale dance.

Cultural Mashup - 003

The mashup was not only about dances, there was also a mash-up of several language through singing. With the lights dimly lit to match the mood, Shaira’s beautiful vocals enchanted the crowd. Gayash sang with his band, also a medley of several languages. Following on, Nouman and Aliesha sang a medley of seven languages. It was perhaps the crowd’s favourite performance for it was authentic, well-delivered and romantic. Talk about a good mash up! The performances was truly heartfelt and the audience was as lively as ever.

Kudos to the Pakistani society for organising such a beautiful and diverse event. Do look forward for more opportunity be a part of this big cultural melting pot and expect even more joy lined up in the next semester!


Article by: Yousra Hassan (SA Marketing & Communications)
Photos by SA Marketing & Communications