The Education Network training is conducted every year for all the representatives under the Education Network. The event was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, the 18th of October. The session included briefings about Learning Community Forum important guidelines, duties of the respective representatives, and how to go about solving everyday issues brought up by students.


          At 6.45pm, the crowd gathered in, pamphlets handed out to them as they settled down into their seats with the departments they belonged to – these being the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering. The emcee, and host of the night, none other than the Education Officer herself, Tormalli V Francis, was getting ready to welcome the representatives to this training program.


          The session started at 7pm, with Tormalli giving a brief introduction to the main aims of the Education Network and introducing the department representatives, and the school representatives. She then welcomed the next speaker for the evening, Ms. Vanitha Ponnusamy, the Campus Senior Tutor, to the stage. Ms. Vanitha highlighted some extremely key points in her speech, including some things to keep in mind when bringing up issues to a higher authority. Firstly, she stated that class, school and faculty representatives do not need to wait until an LCF meeting to bring up issues which may be resolved with the module convener. If the problem does not get fixed by the convener, then it may be taken up to school’s senior tutor and then to the director of the school. Secondly, she addressed the fact that changes in module do not happen immediately, they usually take place over the course of the year, methodically. Finally, she mentioned that the university treats assessment feedback with high regard and should any student not receive either a hand written, verbal or virtual feedback about the assessment, it should be brought up to higher authority as it does not follow protocol. To wrap up her session, she finished by reminding these representatives to keep in mind that they are representing a wide range of students, not just a minority, so it is wise to always be fair all the students.


          The floor was passed back to Tormalli, who then called upon the Faculty of Arts and Social sciences representative, followed by the two remaining department representatives, each of them giving short, sentimental but sensible speeches about their roles and hopeful outcomes of the Education Network. They then went on to introduce all their individual school representatives, and then proceeded to a photo session of all the representatives from each school.

A quick Q & A game was hosted by Tormalli, where correct answers would result in winning a t-shirt. Refreshments were served at the end which was pizza and drinks. All the representatives enjoyed the food and rest of the evening went smoothly, students networking, laughing and having a good time.

Thank you to all representatives for staying through the event and making this training session such a success!