In November, a food inspection was conducted by 3 groups of people, each group consisting of 2 Student Association members and 1 staff member. (This inspection included Sonder but could not be completed because it was closed on the day of inspection)

The results of the inspection are as below, in the form of the scores each stall garnered as well as comments made by the inspectors:-

  1. Western stall – 95%
    • The stall owners only prepared food on the spot, no food prepared beforehand; no accurate data for how food prepared earlier was handled.
    • The cabbages were not kept in the fridge (not stored well).
  2. Japanese stall – 94.60%
    • The stall owners only prepared hot food on the spot, no food prepared beforehand; no accurate data for how food prepared earlier was handled.
  3. Malay stall – 93.60%
    (no comment)
  4. Subway – 93.50%
    (no comment)
  5. Dessert stall – 88.70%
    • Employees wearing open- toed shoes; A worker was wearing slippers.
    • Food served daily was not priced but fruits were.
    • Uncovered food in the fridge and the fridge temperature was at 5 degrees Celsius.
    • Chopped onions were not covered.
  6. Vegetarian stall – 88%
    • Need to wear gloves and closed shoes.
    • The temperature of the chiller was 5.5 degrees Celsius.
    • Chopped vegetables were not covered.
  7. Arabic stall – 86.60%
    • The prep table for the kebab meat was slightly messy.
  8. Secret Recipe – 86.50%
    • Food storage very well kept and labelled.
  9. Snacks stall – 79.30%
    • There was raw fish in the freezer left in an open container.
    • One employee was not wearing slippers.
    • Freezer slightly disorganized.
    • Fridge temperature slightly too high at -4.5 degrees Celsius.
  10. Chinese stall – 73%
    • Decent hygiene and adherence to health; safety regulations.
    • Storage of food (inside the freezer) was not very tidy; unmarked.
    • Need to wear gloves and clean floor more frequently.
    • Sinks not clean.
    • Everyone was wearing slippers.
    • Raw materials were not properly covered in the container.
    • There was a box of detergent near the refrigerators. Some packs of eggs were stored on steel trolleys near the floor level (should be fine if they were fresh).
  11. RK Fatima – 64.50%
    • Storage inside the refrigerators can be improved.
    • Gloves should be used when handling food.
    • Service time should be improved.
  12. Treehouse – 56.50%
    • Food preparation area very messy and dirty.
    • Food storage area (refrigerators) was in a very poor condition.
    • Raw food was exposed without being properly covered.


In addition, 619 stall receipts from students themselves were collected on the voting of 14 food stalls for this month. The top three most satisfied choices were Chinese stall (95.8%), Malay stall (96.8%) and Dessert stall (90.8%) consecutively.

The three most dissatisfied choices in sequence were Thai stall (57.2%), Sonder (31.7%) and Treehouse (23.5%). There were also complaints directed towards the Western stall due to issues with their pasta, and towards RK Fatima for slow serving time.