With sweet palate-inducing scents wafting off towards far distances as a whole variety of precious local fruit adorn the tables, that was the Fruity Fest!

30th November was an exciting day as the UNMC Sponsorship Student Club brought onto campus a highly ingenious all-you-can-eat fruit buffet!

Fruity Fest 001

Nottingham Travels collaborated with the club in this event, giving out free drinks to the event’s participants in addition to the wide range of fruits available there.

Owing to how unconventional the idea of a fruit buffet is, Aniq Faidi, Vice President of the UNMC Sponsorship Student Club, was interviewed about the club’s motivations for hosting this event and the various challenges they have faced while doing so.

Fruity Fest 003


Why is it that you guys decided to hold the Fruity Fest?

Last year, our club held the Foodgasm event on campus, where we invited the FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority) as well. They brought their fruits with the main intention of introducing local fruits to the international students. People got to taste them for free (during that event).

Fruity Fest 004

After the events, FAMA proposed for us to collaborate once again this academic year to hold an event exclusively for fruits.

During our early club meeting, we were largely agreeable with this proposal and decided to work towards it. It is good since we get to introduce international students from all around the world here (in UNMC) to Malaysia’s local fruits while promoting the benefits of (eating) fruits at the same time.


What challenges did you face while preparing or hosting this event?

Unfortunately, FAMA couldn’t be involved on the event day itself since they were occupied with another event, so we had to get the fruits from other sources. It was quite challenging but the event committee members managed to do a great job with the lead of Maisarah (a member of our club committee).

Fruity Fest 002

The participants of this event, when surveyed for their main reasons for attending the Fruit Fest, largely agreed that it was the highly attractive price of RM7 for the chance to eat whatever fruits they wish at the buffet that was the dealmaker.

Some of the participants did wish that the event could be prepared earlier to begin right on-time, so that they can enjoy the event for a while longer.

Nevertheless, the Fruit Fest was largely well received by the participants. They were immensely satisfied with the wide range of fruits available and particularly enjoyed the soothing atmosphere the event succeeded in bringing about.

Fruity Fest 005

After most of the people are done with their refreshments, it was game time! The games consist of stimulating and fairly challenging puzzles. Prizes were given out for the lucky few who were able to solve the puzzles with little or no aid.

Overall, the Fruity Fest was a great success. Cheers to the UNMC Sponsorship Student Club for bringing about such a pleasant, fruitful experience!



Article by: Chung Pore (SA Marketing and Communication Team)
Photos by : Andrew (SA Marketing and Communication Team)