Postgraduate Students’ Network – The PGSN is here to assist all postgraduate or masters’ students in all areas of

university life, be it student welfare in terms of accommodation, transport between our Malaysian campuses or quality of

education. Feel free to reach out to us and we are always ready to help!

Olaoluwa Duro-Bello (Postgraduate Students' Officer)

SA Postgraduate Students’ Network consists of the following roles and responsibilities:

General Secretary
i. Organize committee meetings and agenda.
ii. Maintain minutes and records of all meetings.
iii. Serve in acting capacity in the event the designated officer is on official leave.
Communications Head
i.  Be responsible for the marketing and publicity of the PGSN and her events.
ii. Be responsible for positively promoting the PGSN and its activities in print and on social media.
Iii Survey postgraduate students about events they would like to have.
iv. Liaise with the SA Communications Team to promote the PGSN and facilitate its marketing.
i.  Be responsible for monitoring all income and expenditure from PGSN account.
ii. Be responsible for maintaining an up to date financial record.
iii. Assist the Postgraduate officer in preparing a budget submission to the SA Finance Officer.
Welfare Officer
i. Coordinate the Postgraduate Welfare Network and promote the welfare of postgraduates.
ii. Represent the interest of postgraduate students in the area of welfare, transportation and safety.
iii. Liaise with the SA Welfare Network, other SA student groups and committees when appropriate.
Education Officer
i. Be responsible for raising of all faculty related postgraduate issues with the Postgraduate Officer
ii. Liaise with the faculty administrators to facilitate communication between the PGSN and  faculties.
iii. Shall promote the PGSN activities in respective faculties.
iv. Liaise with the Students’ Association Education Network to represent the needs of postgraduate
students when appropriate.
International Officer:
i. Represent postgraduate international students within the student community.
ii. Liaise with the International Students Officer and International Students Bureau where


Olaoluwa Duro-Bello

Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Leïla Noor Al-Imane Jirari

Postgraduate Students’ Deputy Officer

Asma Mohammad Nusrat Aman

Education Representative

Azhar Sholgami

International Students’ Representative

Chow Yen Ling

Student Council Representative

Sada Aishath

PGSN Secretary

Wong Yih Jenq

PGSN Treasurer

Zerin Momtaz Chowdhury

PGSN Welfare Representative