Unmute is an event organised by the universitiy’s very own music society, in which has lived up to its name as the central plaza (fountain area) was truly ‘unmuted’ by UNMC’s most talented artists on the night of 10th April 2018.

With Levi’s as the co-organiser, there were multiple booths made available during the event, and the first one to catch my attention was the recycling booth. The whole idea of the booth, as well as its purpose, was to encourage people to bring their seemingly old and boring denim jeans to D.I.Y them, thus making them to be both wearable and stylish. For instance, some would paint all over their jeans, but the results were astonishing.

Right next to the recycling booth, you would find that vending machine. With just some changes, you may pick a number to dispense and try out your luck. The envelopes contain various items, such as laces and RM200 vouchers. In addition to that, one would probably wonder why Levi’s has made an appearance for the event, and the answer to that question is that they attended as a panel of judges who would be in charge picking the ultimate winner of the competition. Moreover, Levi’s are on tour with a famous Malaysian band known as ‘An Honest Mistake’, moving from one university to another in order to select a winning team from each educational institutions so as to be qualified for a chance to compete Levi’s products for which its worth is up to a total of RM2000, headlining a special showcase at the bee and finally recording a single with pulse soundworks.

After about 2 hours of breath-taking musics with more than 12 performances included, the final results were as stated below:

2nd runner up: Wannabe

1st runner up: Noel

Winner: Sayonara Sunday

Now let’s talk a bit about the winner, a boy band that consists of 4 artists, namely: Kevin Kana Jacques, Lee Jian Han, Wong Shun Wen and Cheah Bin Yui. The first song that they have preformed was not only hard to pull off, but also one of my personal favourites, which was ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons. In my opinion, I feel that they did a perfect job preforming the song. Furthermore, they also added in a little of their own vibes, along with small changes to the original music which I thought was outstanding. The second performance was ‘Sexy & I know it’ by LMFAO, in which was also amazing. As such, the fact that they had managed to pull off the two very different songs not only had the judges feeling much impressed, but the crowd had enjoyed the whole performance as well.

Finally, the guest performer ‘An Honest Mistake’ began their performance and everyone had their well-earned fun in which they have deserved as the arrival of assignment week have been gradually draining out the energy of much students. People were jumping and shouting as they go wild with the performance and released their stresses as much as possible.

All in all, the event ended on a successful note and everyone had a great time among their hectic schedules. Great job to all the performers and organisers involved! Also, congratulations to the winners! We look forward to see more exciting events as such being held within the university.



Written by: Email Mahdy

Photographed by: Angeline Choong and Verginia Goh

Edited by: Lim Chung We