The Engineering Sports Carnival was held at the sports complex from the 25th– 26th November 2017 and it lasted from 10am till 5pm, for two consecutive days. The selection round was first conducted and students have participated actively in this event. The event is hosted by ICE student chapter in collaboration IMechE, IChemE and IEEE.

The competition itself was divided into two different phases. In the first phase, athletes from the Engineering Departments will compete against each other in a qualifying round, within their respective branches. Subsequently, during the second phase, the athletes will then proceed onto challenging the other engineering departments in the final games. However, it is to be noted the second phase will only be held during the next semester.

The sports items included in this event are listed accordingly: Badminton, Basketball and Futsal. The carnival started with the Badminton tournament as the opening act for the morning which comprised of both singles and doubles event for men and women respectively, as well as mixed doubles. Whereas for the futsal tournament, it was carried in a manner that involved teams with a minimum of five male players.

Last but not least, the basketball tournament will be commencing on 3rd December 2017, in which will be held at the Sports Complex, from 6PM to 10PM.

So, do look out for further notifications in regard to this event, and we hope to see you there!


Written by: Goh Ke Xin

Edited by: Lim Chung We