With finals drawing near and assignments due, students need to release their tension and wind down more than ever. Well, look no further as IEM’s (The Institution of Engineers Malaysia) got you covered with their Escape Room!


Held on the 26th to 28th of November, the Escape Room allows participants to team up in a group of three to five to brainstorm together and solve various puzzles throughout the game. This event also gives students the opportunity to enjoy and experience the thrill and suspense of an Escape Room without having to travel far, as it is held in room H1B024 of the campus. IEM members only have to pay RM10 as entrance fee, while non-members are only required to pay RM15. Participants are able to book in any time slots between 5pm to 10pm.

Titled “Trapped Amidst the Cold War”, this Escape Room puts you and your friends into the shoes of US spies infiltrating the Soviet Union military base. Your objective is to steal information about hostages that are locked inside a safe. In order to unlock the 4-digit combination lock on the safe, participants are required to solve various puzzles to obtain a digit in each of the 4 rooms respectively. The first team to solve all the puzzles successfully within the time

frame and win the game receives a free subway coupon.

While Escape Rooms offers a good platform to have fun and bond with your friends, they also hone your problem solving skills and encourage teamwork. So if students are looking to relieve some stress or seeking for a challenge, they can definitely put Escape Rooms on their bucket list.


By: Janeesa Ng Jia Jie