“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller


The international students Bureau will always strive to maintain your welfare and make an eventful UNMC for all


students. Collaborations with other departments will be undertaken to assist international students. Plus, events like the


international cultural night will be organized, which will give an opportunity to expose students to different cultures. If


you have any ideas that will help in enhancing the experience of international students and will contribute to the overall


success of UNMC, do not hesitate to bring it up.

Nkosi Sikhosana (International Students' Officer)

International Students’ Bureau

All International Students Bureau Ambassadors shall:
i. Be elected towards the end of the Spring Semester to hold term in the following academic year. Initial duties will include working on the SQUAD initiative for the April intake.
ii. Attend all International Students Bureau General Meetings;
iii. Work to support the general work of the International Students Bureau Executives and all Ambassadors;
iv. Aid in the general work procedures and committee workings of the International Student’s Bureau;
v. Be responsible for organizing International Student Bureau sanctioned events and activities;
vi. Be responsible for the inclusion and cross cultural integration of communities at UNMC;
vii. Be responsible for liaising with Cultural & National Societies and/or communities pertaining to events, collaborations, welfare matters and any other relevant areas of concern;
viii. Develop feedback mechanisms, in line with International Student Bureau working procedures, between the International Student Bureau and the respective communities;

Membership of ISB

(a) All International Students of the University of Nottingham shall be Full Members of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus International Students’ Bureau.
(b) Home Students may become Associate Members of the International Students Bureau.
(c) Only Full Members may stand for positions within the International Students Bureau or vote in its elections.

ISB Executive Committee Job Descriptions

(a) There shall be an International Students Bureau Executive Committee, which shall be the governing body of the International Students Bureau.
(b) The International Students Bureau Exec shall be answerable to Student Council.
(c) Follow specific guidelines of the approved ISB Constitution as laid out by SA Manager, SA President and the SA International Students Officer.
(d) The International Student Bureau Exec shall comprise of:
i) President of the International Students Bureau (International Students Officer)
ii) Honorary Member (Home Student Officer)
iii) Senior Vice President of Administration and Council Affairs*
iv) Vice President of Operations
v) Secretary
vi) Treasurer
vii) Public Relations Officer
*Senior Vice President of Administration and Council Affairs must be elected from the present term. He or She cannot serve as an ambassador while holding this position.
(e) The International Students Bureau Exec shall promote and protect the welfare of International Students.
(f) To encourage mutual and social integration between International Students and Home Students.
(g) Shall work closely with the SA Executive to promote greater International Student involvement in other SA student groups and committees.
(h) Shall seek to establish a platform for both international and local students to voice their concerns Student Welfare and representation.

Nkosi Sikhosana

International Students’ Officer

Aravin Pillai

ISB Treasurer

Vidushi Faujdar

ISB PR Officer

Layana Ibrahim

ISB Vice President

Ahmed Dirie

ISB Somalia’s Ambassador

Ahmed Haytham

ISB Sudan’s Ambassador

Ali Athouf

ISB Maldives’ Ambassador

Amir Zholzhasky

ISB Kazakhstan’s Ambassador

Angela Namucha Chinene

ISB Zambia’s Ambassador

Asyraf Samsudin

ISB Malaysia’s Ambassador

Catherine Mwinuka

ISB Tanzania’s Ambassador

Chelsea Machava

ISB Mozambique’s Ambassador

Emad Qazi

ISB Pakistan’s Ambassador

Gulalek Mammedova

ISB Turkmenistan’s Ambassador

Hamsa Ashraf

ISB Egypt’s Ambassador

Hollysia Alda

ISB Indonesia’s Ambassador

Nooh Shams

ISB Bahrain’s Ambassador

Pouvalen Seeneevassen

ISB Mauritius’s Ambassador

Sheryl Laporte

ISB Seychelles’ Ambassador

Taariq Nawaz

ISB India’s Ambassador


ISB Nigeria’s Ambassador

Vikki Gitata

ISB Kenya’s Ambassador

Ma Ruixan

ISB Member

Maria Mahbub

ISB Member