The Japanese Cultural Night (JCN) was held by the Japanese Cultural Society (JSOC) on the 8th of February 2018 at the Great Hall. It has collaborated with UNMC Music Society, as well as Uni Per Arts.

The theme of this year’s event was 人, in which is defined as ‘person’. Its purpose of was to present the interesting and unique features of a Japanese Culture through art performances and depict difficulties that are currently faced by the Japanese society.

The event began with an opening ceremony that showcased a short introduction video prepared beforehand that featured some of the behind-the scenes work and it was followed by an introductory speech by Foo Shir-Ley, the president of JSOC.

A variety of great performances was put up during the event:

Special performance from the Choir Team of UNMC Music Society, in which they performed 2 sets of Japanese cultural songs, namely: AKB48’s Cherry Blossom Bookmark and Joe Hisashi’s Kaza no Toori Michi.

An ad-lib comedic act, in which involves the audience’s participation as their opinions or ideas would be used as a reference in the act.

Local J-rock Music Band ‘Three Steps Down’ performed 2 songs as well, which are entitled ‘Glamourous Sky’ by Miki Nakashima and ‘Wataridori’ by Alexandros. The second song was a farewell song presented by Kristine as this year marks her final year in UNMC.

Duo from the Chinese Orchestra who showcased 2 sets of songs: Naoto Moriyama’s Sakura and Kurosa-P’s Senbonsakura, featuring the Chinese Zither, also known as the ‘guzheng’.

A drama that depicts the story of a pair of Japanese siblings who were young adults, and each of them faced their own share of problems of growing up within the society. However, despite of the difficulties that occur in life, the youth came to learn that the most important to know is essentially: who your family is, and stick close to them.

Last but not least, the event ended successfully with a Japanese Modern Dance performance.

Not forgetting to mention, the hosts lightened up the atmosphere by playing a game of rock paper scissors (“janken pon!”) with the audiences. They took turns to play with the audience, and the remaining winners from the audience were gifted with prizes. In addition to that, the audience were treated with a scrumptious during the intermission as well.

Thank you all to those who have supported JCN, and we look forward to more events organised by JSOC!



Writer(s): Lim Chung We

Photographer(s): Verginia, Angeline

Editor(s): Lim Chung We