The 30th November marked the commencement of the LIT Music Festival 2017 , in which was held at the Trent Building. This event was hosted by UNMC’s Music Society (MUSSOC). The performances were presented by the departments of MUSSOC such as the Ambassadors, Choir and Orchestra, as well as handpicked candidates.

In addition to that, food trucks were made available for students as well. It is also noted that many students participated in the LIT Pun Competition online before the event officially started. Impressively, the seats were mostly taken before it kicked started at 7.30pm!

The first performance was proudly presented by the orchestra of MUSSOC, in which they performed the songs ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘Uptown Funk’.

Next, we had Cheang Shi Yin performing the famed Disney song ‘Let it go’ and she also took the opportunity to showcase her guitar skills that had the audience amazed!

This was followed by a game section entitled ‘Guess the Song’. It goes like this: Small parts of the songs are played and whoever manages to guess the song correctly would receive a free gift on the spot. In total, there were 5 lucky winners. Congratulations to them!



Next, a band with the name Wannabe performed ‘Fireworks’, which is then continued by Megan Lo, with the presentation of a jazz song titled ‘That’s life’. Subsequently, Red Note, in which is a band under MUSSOC Ambassadors, performed one of the hit songs of Jessie J, entitled ‘Price Tag’. Not forgetting to mention that the soloist- Noel Ng, sang a Malay song named “Terukir di Bintang”.

The audience was also treated to a melodious performance from the Choir and they showcase your amazing vocals through the songs ‘Flashlight’ and ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. Resonance had performed a well- known Chinese pop song as well. The game continued and another 7 winners were announced.

Ameerul then performed a song called “Wonderwall”. Last but not least, the leading band of the MUSSOC ambassador department- T.A.P, led the closing of the event with the performance of “Brick by boring brick” and “Still into you” The event ended with a mini award ceremony for the LIT Pun Competition.

All in all, the event was wrapped up successfully as its aim has been achieved: students to have fun and just relaxed for the night. Special thanks to the committee who had done a fantastic job in the organization; performers who have presented brilliantly; presence of audiences who were all supportive.

We look forward to more exciting events in UNMC!


Photographer: Goh Ke Xin

Writer: Goh Ke Xin and Lim Chung We

Editors: Lim Chung We and Madhara