The Youth Entrepreneurship Society’s annual flagship event, the Malaysian Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Camp (MYECC) was a 3-day event which commenced on the 23rd of March 2018. Participants from acclaimed universities across Malaysia travelled to UNMC for 3days and 2nights of fun, challenges and business training, which would all culminate in a final business pitching challenge. Partner universities includes: INTI University, HELP University, UCSI, TAR University College, Asia Pacific University and many others!

The event opened with a speech by the Club’s Advisor Dr. Kenny Wong, who urged the leaders and business people of tomorrow to work hard, be daring, step out of the comfort zone and strive for success. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the floor was opened to the first guest speaker of the day, Ms. Goh Ai Ching., co-founder of Piktochart.com. She shared her road to success and the defining factors of her life. According to her, their success is based on dedication and following your true passion. She also emphasized the importance of learning constantly and shared her resolve to take a leaf out of Elon Musk’s book and read at least one book a week (Elon Musk reads 10 but we all have to start somewhere).

The second speaker, Mr. Kenny Hew, founder of Foodadvisor.my too spoke of his hard road to success and reiterated the message of determination and perseverance in the face of obstacles and perhaps multiple failures. The third speaker was Mr. Aw Tai Hau the founder of Pott glasses, a retailer of glasses made for an Asian fit. He spoke at length on his secret to success; marketing and branding and how a well-managed brand image can go a long way in helping to achieve success.

The final activity of a tiring first day was the scintillating mental challenge, Business Simulation Game in which the participants were set in a simulated trading environment. Commodities were available for sale across 6 bizarrely named “regions” (Bilgwater and Damacia to name a few) and participants were tasked with anticipating price changes in relation to scenarios on the fictional newspaper they were provided. Some participants mentioned that this was more of a physical than mental challenge as the air was filled with the storm of feet rushing from one region to the next.

After a night of much deserved rest, the participants gathered once more for their first activity of the second day, a workshop conducted by Austin Wong from MaGIC. Following which they broke for lunch and were then suddenly separated for their next challenge. A member from each group was singled out and sent to Tesco with a budget of Rm. 15 to purchase items that could be used to create a product or service that would later be “sold” to organizing committee members. The participants had to liaise remotely with their team mates back at UNMC who were hard at work creating a poster to market their product. Two hours of preparation was followed by a “market” session where committee members milled around occasionally being accosted by fervent participants eager to make a sale. It was considered quite a fun activity for all involved. The day then culminated in a physical challenge, that had participants rushing all over campus solving clues and hunting for little origami treasures.

The final day of the event began on a serious note with all participants dressed to impress the judges of their pitching challenge. The panel of judges included, the CEO and CFO of MyCash Online and the Account Manager of MaGIC. After two tough rounds of pitching and Q&A, the team from Xiamen University emerged victors of MYECC 3.0, closely followed by Asia Pacific University in second place and Sunway University in 3rd place.

The event was a resounding success and all participants returned tired, drained but content. It was a weekend well spent! Kudos to the YES club for yet another well organized event!



Written by: Madhara

Photo credits: Youth Entrepreneurship Society

Edited by: Lim Chung We