The Marketing and Communications Network consists of four departments:

(a) Social Media Team

(i) Responsible for posting updates on SA’s Facebook Page.

(ii) Responsible for Facebook Live broadcasts at major events, discretionary upon the Head of Marketing and Communications.

(iii) Responsible for processing advertisements as approved by Head of Marketing and Communications, or alternatively the Head of Departments.

(iv) Responsible for broadcasting announcements and updates by the University and Clubs & Societies.

(v) Responsible for the maintenance of SA Website’s Event Calendar.

(b) Design & Marketing Team

(i) Responsible for designing marketing mediums on a project-based schedule with standardized charges for Clubs & Societies.

(ii) Responsible for designing any material in relation to SA Logo & Branding

(c) Editorial Team

(i) Responsible for write-ups and editing of all publications.

(ii) Responsible for filtering all externally submitted work before publication.

(d) Photography Team

(i) Responsible for capturing photographs during SA or CS events, as long as within the working capacity of members on a voluntary basis.

Lim Chung We (Irene)

Head of Marketing and Communications

Lim Chung Pore (CP)

Deputy Head of Marketing and Communications

Michelle Simon

Head of Design & Marketing

Iyath Adam Sharif

Head of Editorial

Verginia Goh Ke Xin

Head of Photography

Angeline Choong

Head of Social Media

Madhara Iddamalgoda

Member of Editorial

Jasmine Mun Yin Yee

Member of Social Media

Omar Samy Abdelhamid Abusikkien

Member of Photography

Esmail Mahdy

Member of Editorial