It’s the fourth day of Christmas month! The School of Psychology decided to throw an annual Christmas dinner to celebrate the season of joy and also wrap up the year’s struggles and joys. Organized by the Psychology Society, the mouthwatering dinner was held at Sonder in the evening, on 4 December 2018. Students and lecturers arrived at 6.30PM, took their seats and started warming up the atmosphere with their chatters and laughter. Although it was raining heavily that evening, it did not deter the glee spirits of each and every attendee.

The dinner kicked off with a noble lecturer’s speech, Dr. Keeble as he talked about the year’s journey along with bits and pieces of memories that provided the audience with instances of what a typical year in the School of Psychology has been. He then proceeded to have Year 1, 2 and 3’s top students go up the stage for a prize giving ceremony as a mean of congratulating them for making it to the top. Students from their respective years cheered for their stars as they received a prized envelope and had their picture taken.

The Christmas dinner had another purpose other than celebrating holly and jolly. One of the beloved lecturers from the School of Psychology will be leaving to further pursue his teaching in Australia. The members of Psychology Society had prepared a session in the dinner to bid Dr. Vivek farewell by having a video played and presenting him with items made by each year’s school representative. They have taken the effort and time in recording and editing the video consisting of lecturers and various students from the school express their gratitude towards the leaving lecturer. Dr. Vivek had taught at the University of Nottingham for many years and will be leaving with a heavy heart, nonetheless, we all wish him well in his journey at down under.

Dinner is served! Well, not exactly served, it was carried out buffet style, catered by Sonder and cooked to perfection. There were western style dishes like Bolognese spaghetti, braised chicken with mushrooms, salad and delicious cheese on potatoes. The highlight of the dinner was the dessert – chocolate brownies covered with chocolate drizzle making it the best mouthful in this year’s Christmas dinner!

Other than the food and the people, there were fun games and a photo booth decorated splendidly for guest to snap a memory of this warm, joyous dinner. Two of the lecturer’s children gave a decently adorable performance for everyone, we all admired them for their bravery to step on stage in front of a large crowd. As the clock strikes 8.30PM, the dinner came to and end with a group picture and goodbyes. ‘Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.’

Photo credits to Dhiva Krishanan from Psychology Society 2018.