As we all know and are tired of hearing, all good things must come to an end. Nations Cup spanned a glorious 3 weeks of sweat, tears, blood and pain and at the end of it all we all look back with fond smiles and laughter. New friends were made, new cultures were explored, new sports were tried out and for an unfortunate number of us, new crutches were bought.

Mohannad (Dinho) began the Nations Cup closing ceremony bringing these sentiments to mind and echoed the theme of Nations Cup 2017; Friendship through Sport! He also took a moment to wish a speedy recovery to all the heroes of Nations Cup who were injured. He then took a few longer moments of silence to recall the rest of his speech.

The individual awards were distributed for the best male and female players of each sport.



During a short break from the award distribution the NDC performed a medley of dances of varied genres that had the audience screaming for their favourite performers.

However, the club that elicited shocked gasps from the crowd was our cheerleading team, The Beast with their stunts that all but defied gravity. They had the audience perched on the edge of their seats expecting disaster and earned the loudest applause of the night with their wonderful execution,  despite a few near saves.

Omar, the SA Sports Officer and man behind Nations Cup 2017, then gave a short but heartfelt speech on the sentiments behind Nations Cup; to do the best you can and make the presence of your nation felt at UNMC!


Omar’s speech was followed by the distribution of awards for best Female and Male players. The award for best Female Player was won by Tormalli Francis, representing Sri Lanka, who received a total of 24 points with 4 Bronze medals, 4 Silver medals and 1 Gold medal. The award for best Male player was won by Mohannad Shahin (the emcee himself!), representing Egypt, who received a total of 28 points with 2 Bronze medals and a stunning 6 Gold medals.

The top 3 nations were as the following, with Egypt as the second runner-up, Sri Lanka as the first runner-up and Malaysia as the champion for Nation’s Cup 2017.

The event concluded (or so we thought) with a throwback video, a compilation of snippets from all the sports played at Nations Cup 2017 and brought back memories of all the tense but exciting moments of the past 3 weeks.

At the close of this amazing event, the we would like to congratulate all the medal winners for their success as well as the participants for their dedication. Most importantly, kudos to Omar and his team for pulling of an event of this scale and complexity with such professionalism and fun for all.

We look forward to Nation’s Cup 2018 and we wish everyone the best of luck then!




Written by: Madhara Iddamalgoda

Photos by: Digital Arts Guild (DAG)