The first week of the long-awaited Nations Cup began with the opening ceremony, officiating the event. Included below are the highlights and unforgettable moments which encapsulate the energy of the first week.

For the first day, both badminton and male futsal were held at the same time. Both futsal games ended with one goal a side, India ceding the victory to Sudan with Malaysia winning over Pakistan. The following day, female archery and tug of war were held. Interestingly, the top three shooters for archery were all Malaysians. Nurin Nadiah left the competition far behind with a score of 249 with the runner-up scores being 174 and 134 respectively. A relatively short match between the neighboring countries, Malaysia defeated Indonesia in less than fifteen minutes during the tug of war event. Flour, cheering and perspiration were strewn about as the Malaysian team bonded together to defeat the other half of Nusantara.

Volleyball of both genders and male tug of war were held the following day. Six games of volleyball tallied with four wins to Malaysia, one to Pakistan and Maldives. There was a tense moment during the India vs Maldives match wherein both teams were almost on par until the tide turned towards the Maldives with the score card reading 25-16. Tug of war was a different story as the United Kingdom and Egypt equaled at two wins each with Malaysia winning against the UK. The games scheduled for Saturday were mixed frisbee and male football. There were several highlights during the event. For example, two matches were won without a match even being held. Egypt and Bangladesh remitted their matches to Malaysia, in the preliminaries and semi-finals respectively. Known as a ‘bye’, the term is used to describe forfeits in this situation describing the Bangladeshi walk away from the game.

Overall, the week’s highlights in sports continues into the second week as many more events await spectators and participants alike. With certain sports already surpassing their preliminary phases, the question remains as to who will be crowned the victor of this year’s Nations Cup.