On the 25th March 2018, the University of Nottingham Malaysia proudly hosted their 10th Nottingham Charity Run. As a pacer of the run, I had the privilege to be a part of the committee that worked hard to make this grand event a success. There a total of 3 categories consisting of various different distances, this gave some participants good early morning cardio and others a chance to push their limits.

At 5.45AM, members of the fitness club gathered to discuss the routine for the warm up for the half marathon runners. This got their muscles ready and prepared for the intense running that started at 6.30AM. Members of the 24 season drums were present to instill a sense of readiness in the runners at the starting point before they began their half marathon journey.

The registration and event crew members were friendly and helpful as they radiate the early morning spirit of happiness. There were a number of external participants along with Nottingham students that took part in the run. The second batch of runners started appearing around 6.20AM for the warm up by again the Fitness Club members. Being that their flag off time is at 7AM, participants were already filling their tummies with bread and energy drinks from 7 Eleven.

There were different routes for different categories of participants. For me, I participated in the 10km run along with my friends, and let me tell you, it was one heck of a workout, especially at 7 in the morning. The surrounding was cooling before the sun appeared however, the air degraded in freshness due to the ascending amount of cars around. There were checkpoints located during the run and participants had to collect a rubber band from each checkpoint in order to validate their performance. Water stations were also situated around the running routes to allow refreshments for the runners.

The finished line was located at the front of the Trent Building, that’s where participants collected their medals and goodie bags. Several companies sent out food trucks and offered products to fuel the runners’ like Milo, Julie’s, Llao Llao, 100 Plus, and many other reputable sponsors.

Interesting performances were also planned after the run to cheer the crowd up. The entertainers consisted of our very own clubs like Beast Cheerleading Club that sparked adrenaline in the viewers, the La Voix singers and 24 Season drummers for pumping our hearts with rhythm and lastly our student, Jasmine Chong for giving us a lovely acoustic performance. The PharmNotts members were present to give health tips and promote healthy living to the people there, they also held a donation drive to raise money for patients with Osteoporosis and raise awareness for bone health.

The Nottingham Charity Run event officially ended by presenting the winners of the event with their medals and hampers. It was a tiring but productive day for everyone. Congratulations to everyone that made it through the run, as long as you’ve participated and placed in 110%, you are a winner!



Written by: Jasmine Mun

Photo Credits: Roshan Sehkar & Lim Tze Wei

Edited by: Lim Chung We