The SA General Elections 2018 came to an end and, after 5 days of voting, 979 students comprising of 23.4% of the students in the University of Nottingham Malaysia used their right to vote to choose the individuals that they want to represent them as their SA Executives for Academic Year 2018/19.
SA Executives for 2018/19 are:
  • SA President : Am Abdul Aziz
  • SA Vice President : Re-open Nominations
  • SA Activities Officer : Sara Siddiqi
  • SA Home Students’ Officer : Andy Tan
  • SA International Students’ Officer : Samawiyah Ulde
  • SA Sustainability Officer : Ahmed Juman Rasheed
  • SA Sports Officer : Mariyam Nadha Ibrahim
  • SA Educations Officer : Re-open Nominations (no candidacy)

Below is the breakdown of all voting outcome, following the Instant Run-Off Voting System that was introduced this year by the Student Council:
1. SA President
2. SA Vice President
3. SA Activities Officer
4. SA Home Students’ Officer
5. SA International Students’ Officer
6. SA Sustainability Officer
7. SA Sports Officer
This year, the elections committee also carried out a survey to try to understand why the voter turnout has decreased from the past year.
There were close to 80 respondents for the survey. A majority seemed to suggest there was a lack of awareness and ‘hype’ for the elections. While some mentioned the new Instant Run-Off voting system would be better only if there were a greater pool of candidates, others felt it had not been sufficiently explained. However, as this is its first-time implementation, an overall understanding of how the system works should improve gradually in the following year.
It was also identified that low voter turnout could be the result of lack of engagement with the candidates. More could be done in terms of promoting the elections as well as candidates reaching out to a wider audience through various platforms.
In spite of the challenges faced by the EC and candidates throughout this election period, we wish all the elected officers the best of luck for fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in the year to come!