The Nominations for the post of SA Postgraduate Officer are now open! This is an opportunity for you to be part of the SA Executive Team and represent your fellow postgraduate students in the Student Association.


Postgraduate Students’ Officer
1)  Scope:
(a)  Representational Officer ‐
i. Responsible for the representation of postgraduate students within the Student Association.

2)  Duties:
(i) To be the representative of postgraduate students within the Student Association.
(ii) To work with the SA Executive and other SA stakeholders to improve the student experience of  their members.
(iii) To assist the SA Executive to represent postgraduate students to the university and other external organisations.
(iv) To campaign on issues of concern, interest and relevance to postgraduate Students.
(v) To be the Chair of the Postgraduate Students’ Network.

3)      Constituency:
(a)  The constituency of the Postgraduate Students’ Officer shall be all full members of the SA who are registered for postgraduate study at the University of Nottingham.

SA Postgraduate Officer Elections Timeline

Nominations Period : 8:00am 4th October – 6:00pm 10th October 2017

Candidate Briefing : 7:00pm 10th October 2017  (H1B28)

Campaigning Period : 9:00am 11th October – 9:00am 17th October 2017

Hustings: 13th October 2017 (TBC)

Voting Period: 9:00am 17th October – 3:00pm 20th October 2017

Results Announcement: 7:00pm 20th October 2017

So what are you waiting for?! Fill out the nominations form below after reading all the rules and regulations to nominate yourelf in the Elections. Nomination forms will be accepted until 6 pm of 10th October 2017. After the deadline for nominations has passed, those who have been nominated will be called to sign the Candidate Briefing, thereby successfully being accepted as candidates for the Elections.

Nominate yourself here!

For further enquiries feel free to contact the Student Council Vice Chairperson.