Following a very successful run of MYECC held the year before in 2016, UNMC Youth Entrepreneur Society (YES) has once more brought the event back again to instill entrepreneurial qualities into its participants over a course of 3 days and 2 nights, held from the 7th – 9th of April 2017 within the university’s grounds. Opening its doors to university students all over Malaysia, the event garnered a welcoming response of 105 scholars of multiple disciplines from various institutions.

Diligence in preparation for the camp by the organisers paid off as the camp had an eventful timeline, filled with multitudes of activities. After the opening speeches by the YES Club Advisor Dr Kenny Wong Meng Seng and Head of Business Engagement & Innovation Services Prof Denny Ng, MYECC 2.0 officially commenced.

The event had prominent names and entrepreneur figures such as the CEO of the well-known video-on demand service provider iflix Malaysia Mr Azran Osman Rani, co-founder/CEO of Kaodim Mr Fui-Yu Chong and more to share their experiences working their way from pit-bottom to where they are as of today.

Valuable insights and advices abounded the sharing and panel sessions like a newly discovered gold mine. Other big names from outstanding start-ups and companies such as MaGIC and Dah Makan offered their two cents to eager students who aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves.

From then on, participants were drilled with exhilarating team building games and engaging business simulation activities across the entire duration of the event, which brought out the entrepreneurs within the participants. They were namely “Last One(s) Standing”, “Triple M (Mix, Market, Match) Challenge”, “Hunter Vs Hunted” and a pitching challenge that awaited participants at the end of the event.

“Last One(s) Standing” had participants to take up the role of “country leaders” who are required to manage resources in order to protect themselves from the assault of other “countries” or to “attack” other “countries”. Forging of alliances to secure otherwise unattainable resources and to guarantee a more successful “attack” onto other “countries” to reap rewards was needed to enable the teams to carry as many points as possible to stand a chance to indeed be the last one standing.

The “Triple M Challenge” gave first hand insights of true entrepreneurial skills to the teams as they had to decide on a product or service to be sold to the “market”, while working with limited budget. Once done and decided, they then had to promote their “startups” to the organizers who would merit them on the success of their “business”.

If making an advertisement video, a product banner and working with a budget of RM20 per team were not a challenge enough, a “Sudden Challenge” was put into the play where teams were required to draw lots and had to use the items from the indicated team instead of their own to proceed with the Triple M Challenge. Talk about life not going as planned; so goodbye plan A, welcome plan B!

A group with their business advertisement

“Hunter Vs Hunted” had a variation of “station games” where teams had to overcome tasks at each checkpoint and will be rewarded with points based on their performances at those stations. As per the name, there were “hunters” who would take points away should the captured team fail to overcome the next station game with the highest score. And what other better time for hunters to hunt after sunset to add to the excitement of the session.

The ‘Hunters’

The final challenge of the camp, which could arguably be the most challenging activity, was the pitching challenge. Teams were required to come up with a business idea and pitch it to the invited judges who were experienced and successful business people. Due to the demand of this challenge and to cater to students who were not familiar with idea pitching, a workshop was conducted to assist teams in developing their business plans to ensure they were doing it properly. Teams were given the topic for the pitching at the end of the first day, and discussions began as members shared their opinions on an issue they would like to address. When it was time for the pitching challenge, teams presented their ideas whole-heartedly, in hopes of convincing the judges that their startup idea was worth their investment. Ultimately, the group with the idea of “employing the homeless to be city tour guides” and the group with an innovative way to “keep track of medicine shelf life in hospitals” shared the winner’s prize together as the judges just couldn’t decide which team was more worth than the other, for both teams displayed qualities that either team did not have.

3 days’ worth of time, 3 days’ worth of brand new experiences. There are more that happened than can be said. A rundown of opinions from some participants would be as below:

Activities Remarks
Conference/Sharing/Panel session MOST VALUABLE
Last One(s) Standing MOST EXCITING
Triple M Challenge MOST ENGAGING
Pitching Challenge MOST CHALLENGING
Memories, experience and relationships formed MOST CHERISHED

Many agreed that the camp was worth their time and have mentioned that they have had an enjoyable weekend. The organizing committee has indeed done much work to provide the necessities to sustain the camp’s livelihood that could become the memory of the year for the participants. Camp facilitators and volunteers alike have done an amazing job running the event, and congratulations for making it a success. May this article be a form of appreciation for all the hard work behind the scenes.

It is with hopes that participants were able to grasp new thinking methodologies to aid themselves in their pursuit of success, and apply the experiences gained to have a different outlook on life’s challenges. To those who are yet to experience the wonders of MYECC, fret not for it is with confidence that MYECC will return once more.



Jin Hui (Andrew)
SA Marketing and Communication Team

Photography by: UNMC Youth Entrepreneur Society (YES)