The Nottingham Sports Team aims to spread the joy of participating in various sports together. To allow students to

learn good sportsmanship, enjoy friendly competition and learn to get to know others through their own sports interests

while also being immersed in other sports. Events and projects run by us encourages everybody from UNMC to learn

what it is like to clash as rivals in a game but be fast friends after.

Omar El Shweekh (Sports Officer)

SA Sports Network

To enhance the communication and interaction among all sports clubs.

Who is representing the Sports Network

(a) Sports Officer (Chair)
(b) Deputy Sports Officer
(c) Head of NST
(d) 1 Representative from each Sports Club

Frenquency of Meetings

(a) Committee shall meet once a month
(b) Welfare Officer and head of the Accommodation network shall meet every week.

How to join Sport Networks?

You can only be elected/appointed by the presidents of each sport clubs.

Omar El Shweekh

SA Sports Officer

Ali Wail

Deputy SA Sports Officer

Mohannad Shahin

Head of NST

Joanne Fernandez

Event Manager

Loh Meng

NST Secretary

Hassan Sghayyar

Event Manager

Lim Yaun Feng

Event Manager

Seif Wael

Event Manager

Clement Ong

Event Manager

Nottingham Sports Team 2017/2018