The Sustainability Network aims to reach beyond academics and extra curricular activities to enhance the student


environment in every aspect.


Our projects and events are directed towards protecting the environment, charitable activities and promoting equality


and social justice. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and let your voices be heard!

Eric Ting (Sustainability Officer)

SA Sustainability Network

(a) The Sustainability Network is comprised of the executive officer and students whose aims are to: I. Promote the care and protection of the student environment both internally and externally through networking and information sharing. II. Promote charitable initiatives with the intention of supporting the external community. III. Promote Awareness and Represent Student interests on Equality.   (b) The Sustainability Officer will be the chairperson of the Sustainability Network. He or She is the executive officer responsible for the aims listed above. He or She can arrange meetings with senior university staff and members of the Sustainability Network.   (c) Under the Sustainability Network, public forums, The Sustainability Forum, will be held at least twice a semester with representatives from all relevant student groups and Executive Officers in order to communicate and gain insight from students and interested parties across campus.
Aims & Visions

(a) Discuss and propose environment policy of the Student Association.

(b) Liaise and support environmental activities and student environment initiatives in clubs/Societies.

(c) Develop and implement effective communication strategies and information sharing.

(d) Discuss major and systemic problems highlighted by members during meetings.

(e) Consider proposals from external bodies on environmental issues and charitable initiatives.

(f) To include and promote the exchange of ideas between All Students in their matters. SEEN Meetings will comprise of Voting and Non-voting members to ensure the above aims are fulfilled.

(g) May provide independent ‘Environment Assessment and Ratings’ for student and campus services.

(h) Organize the GREEN WEEK campaign.

Raise Awareness on matters related to :

I. Ethnicity

II. Nationalities

III. Culture

IV. Language

V. Political

VI. Religious beliefs

VII. Gender

VIII. Sexuality

IX. Marital Status

X. Family Commitments; including pregnancy

XI. Age

XII. Disability

XIII. Medical Condition and Mental Health

XIV. Appearance

XV. Social and/or Financial Status

XVI. Charitable activities

Members of Sustainability Network

(a) The Sustainability Officer (Chair).

(b) The Home Students Officer and The International Students Officer and/or representative from the Welfare Network.

(c) Committee Secretary

(d) Committee Treasurer

(e) Committee Publicity Officer(s)

(f) Green Team Chairperson

(g) Green Team Vice-Chairperson

(h) Members of the SA Exec (if need be).

Execution of Sustainability Network

(a) To achieve the Sustainability Network’s goal, the members may bring forward an inherent environmental, charitable and equality issues that the campus and/or immediate community faces and thus methods of raising awareness

(b) The role of representatives from each Club/Society in the Sustainability Forum would mainly be to relay information and be the main liaison for resources and man-power during each project.

(c) Additional volunteers may be called for from the general student populace, before or during the course of the proposed projects.

(d) The Student Association recognizes the Sustainability Network as a pivotal unit based on its educational and learning aspects and the direct promotion of sustainability, charitable initiatives, development and equality of its direct members; the students. The SA will take each proposal of the Sustainability Network with high regard and will provide backing in terms of marketing, sponsorship and funding if and when possible.

How can you join as Sustainability Network Member?

A recruitment email will be sending soon once semester starts!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Pouvalen Seeneevassin

Deputy Sustainability Officer

Eric Ting Tze Yik

Sustainability Officer

Noorulain Iftikhar

Head of CESJ Event Team

Suma Khalid Mohamed


Gan Zhi Ching


Ho Wei Jack

Assistant Treasurer

Saba Noor

CESJ Event Committee

Lilian Tan Jin Lian

CESJ Event Committee

Prashanthini A/P Murthy

CESJ Event Committee

Kesavan Vulliamay

Assistant Secretary

R Dhavinya Saba

Head of Marketing & Design

S Kashmita A/P Sudra Pandi

Marketing & Design Committee

Nate Fida’a Ahmad

Marketing & Design Committee

Bhavish Doobaree

Marketing & Design Committee

SA Sustainability Team 2017/2018