On 5th and 6th April, Nottingham Dance Club’s (NDC) annual dance production made a comeback with their time related theme, ‘Chronos’. They brought the audience on a journey back in time by visiting unique dance genres in different eras. Even better, an amount of the SWAG Showcase’s ticket sales was also donated to the BBB (Bricks by Bricks) Project by ACE Society.

The showcase started out with the current era and went way back to 1920s-1970s, then crawled back to the 1980s – 2000s. Finally, it returned to contemporary times as an end note. With the buzzing, frenetic wave of dancers flitting in and out of the stage lights, as well as the timely music genre, the audience were given a palette of different dance types from Bollywood, Bboy, waacking, breakdance, Kpop, girl style, hip hop, contemporary, ballet and a whole lot more.

Beginning with graceful ballet moves, the audience was then captivated by a catchy female Korean pop dance which reflected modern times, during which the Korean wave currently takes the world by storm. Then there was a contemporary duet dance, visualising strong and repressed emotions through their flexible and powerful dance moves.

Along came the Roaring Twenties, and the spectators watched the rise of jazz and dance culture. An impressive salsa couple wooed the audience with their flamboyance, confidence and fine sense of timing.

Another major highlight that got the audience roaring were the handsome guys from UNMC Fitness Club. They busted out dazzling dance moves with a twist of humour. After that, lively dynamic rhythms of selected music and choreography, accompanied with fashion styles that reflect each decade, continued to bring out the distinct variety of dance style throughout the ages.

As NDC entered the year of 2000, the ambience of celebrating the coming of the 21st century was creatively manifested by pulling confetti fire crackers. There was also a couple dance accompanied by Jay Chou’s song (告白气球), to which the audience excitedly sang along.

The guest performers invited for both nights were different. However, the audience was able to enjoy the creative beatbox-dance combo by one of UNMC’s best beatboxer, Gan Chun Ming, on both nights.

On the 1st night, Slumber Squad was there to perform an empowering dance cover of The Eye by Infinite. Later, the beautiful girls from Le’vinia stunned the audience with their beautiful, powerful, and aesthetic dance moves. During the 2nd night, part of the NDC alumni returned to perform. Not to mention, Dylan Chyo, one of the best locking dancer in Malaysia was also present to deliver some funky and groovy, dazzling dance moves.

During the credits, all the choreographers were invited to the stage and the dancers followed tout de suite. After the closing performance, there was a round of encore upon the request of the audience.

For all the intense movement, entrances and exits, the dynamic and chemistry among the dancers were beautifully executed. SWAG 5.0: Chronos has definitely addressed the theme of time aptly with the meeting of lyrical expressionism and youthful optimism as we experience the timeless paean of music and evolution of dance throughout the ages.

Yap Jia Ming
SA Marketing and Communication Team

Photographs by Malik Hisyam