The Science of Happiness was an event organised by the Nottingham Buddhist Society on 16 November 2017 to raise mental health awareness and enable people to have a clearer understanding of their own mental well-beings and enhance them. Participants of this event also had the opportunity to learn how to support other people with mental health issues, specifically in relation to depression and anxiety disorder.

The eventful night first started off with an outstanding short sketch performed by the drama team. The sketch performed effectively outline the effect of anxiety and depression, emphasising their effect on the individual level. It could be seen that the sketch spoke directly to the hearts of many students who attended the events, who are no strangers to work-related stress themselves.

The first main speaker, Sis. K. C. Chiang, a practicing clinical psychologist, was promptly introduced. Whilst exuding an aura of professional warmth, she cheerfully shared useful information about depression and anxiety disorder with the audience.

She emphasised greatly upon the fact that depression is an actual illness; that depression is not just an emotion which negatively affects one’s body when not dealt with properly. Her speech was both intriguing and enlightening, especially the part where she explained how most people are unable to differentiate between anxiety and anxiety disorder. Not only did Sis. Chiang generously share about ways to tell the crucial differences between phenomena and disorder, she was also more than willing to impart knowledge about dealing with individuals suffering from anxiety disorders!

The next presenter, Bro. Aggaphala Yap, a certified counsellor also worked well in engaging the audience with his informative session by encouraging them to share their own success stories first! Bro. Yap’s speech emphasised more upon training one’s mind to reach higher levels of productivity, emotional and psychological stability. He was able to effectively communicate with the audience about stress management and even shared about when one should consult a professional.

Packed to the brim with handy information about dealing with anxiety and depression while maintaining high levels of functionality and productivity, the event has certainly benefitted UNMC students who often need to tackle with stress and anxiety from dealing with academic issues while juggling other priorities too.

Written by: Esmail Mahdy

Photos by: Nottingham Buddhist Society